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Sipping and Shopping-New Year New You!


Sipping and Shopping-New Year New You  Health and Wellness Deals.   Today Amazon is offering a ton of items geared towards a healthier lifestyle,  A New Year and New You!   From workout gear to supplements to cooking gadgets. 

ThePhillips TurboStar Air Fryer  is the first deal that caught my eye. My brother in law has made us French fries in his air fryer and they were crunchy and not greasy.  This is a good deal,  I saw these over the Holiday at my local Sam’s Club and the price on a similar model was $180  this air fryer also comes with a cookbook.New Year New You!

The second deal that caught my eye is the  deal on vitamins and supplements  I just so happen to be one of those people that takes a handful of supplements every day, and YES I swear it makes a difference.  I’ve never heard of Hawaiian Spirulina but there are plenty of other awesome deals on better known vitamins  supplements.   Knowing what I do about supplement prices these are good prices.  Most of them 30% off.New Year New You

For the readers today Amazon is offering a Kindle Bundle Deal that comes with a Kindle 6″ (with ads) reader AND a case and adapter.  Being a kindle reader myself this is a good deal.  I bought all of my accessories separately when I bought mine and I spent more than that.

The last deal that looks interesting is the Fitbit Trackers deal.  There is every type of fitbit offered from the basic tracker to the Fitbit Blaze that looks like an apple watch.  They track exercise, steps and they link to an app if you so choose that will monitor your progress.  New Year New You

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