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Sipping and Shopping-Bath Bombs, Cleaning Supplies & Much More! Amazon Deals in Home, Electronics, and Organizational Supplies!

Today in ” Sipping and Shopping”I found an eclectic bunch of Amazon Deals for you!  From Bath bombs to Car Trunk Organizers we have you covered!

Desktop Charger– This desktop charger features smart technology and has almost 5 stars! The desktop charger features Six Fast 2.4A Charging Ports and can Simultaneously charges six phones, tablets, or a combination of both.  This charger was originally posted at $35 and is now discounted to $19 with Prime two day shipping!


Amazon Deals
Dog Crate-As a dog lover and owner,  I know how hard it is to find a good dog crate at a reasonable price.  This seems to fit both of those categories. The dog crate is a 42 inch dog crate with double doors! It easily folds and does not have any sharp edges to hurt your pooch.  It is on sale today for $52.  I unfortunately have paid more for this for a crate of this quality.  

Here is a good deal on Bath Bombs!  This set features 6, 4 inch vegan bath bombs.  ( I didn’t know vegan bath bombs was a thing but oh well.)   It is priced at $11.99 for 6! The bath bombs have dried flower petals in them.  These bath bombs would make an awesome Valentine’s gift!


Scratch Resistant highly rated Phone Case for iphone 7 & 7 plus. This phone case features dual layer protection  and has a feature that dissipates heat.  Which if your a reader on your kindle app like I am you know phones can heat up!  The Phone Case  is listed at an awesome price of $5.99 as an “add on item.”  

I have wanted one of these for the longest time!  I think they are awesome!  This particular Car Trunk Organizer features multiple compartments with two having heat and cold insulation for food or groceries.  The trunk organizer  is collapsible and has “no slip” tabs on the bottom so it doesn’t fly all over the place when you are driving.  This Car trunk organizer is priced at $13.99 with Prime Shipping. 

The last deal  I found for you today is a general savings deal on Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies,  and is dedicated to my bf who loves cleaning as much as I do (yes I know we are sicko’s!)

We have used a commercial mop for awhile now and love it, before mentioned “sicko” showed me this trick! .   I was tired of buying expensive “gadget” mops and throwing them away after 3 or 4 uses.   In this sale category you are going to see well priced cleaning tools from mop heads to buckets some in bulk amounts, making them awesome deals.  Which a “sicko” like me can appreciate! 



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