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Sipping and Shopping-Amazon Deals Amazon Deal Today~Kate Spade Studs at 35% off RUN!


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I’m sorry I just couldn’t do it!  I just couldn’t post about  Recliners and Kettle Balls  this morning!  I do apologize if that’s your thing You do you boo, But It just wasn’t  doing it for me!  So I’m just going to bring you what almost made me spit my coffee out…Kate Spade Studs for  $25!  I love these whimsical earrings.  I have them in green, white, black, and glitter.  Yes I know I have a problem!  But they make me feel pretty!  No haters!  They are 35% off right now!  The Pink, White, and hazy pink are on sale for Valentine’s Day! 









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