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Simple & Fun Halloween Treat Spooky Spiders!

Simple & Fun Halloween Treat

If you’re a fan of Simply you know that I don’t do any craft that takes more than 5 minutes or requires glitter.  I also won’t attempt a recipe that mentions the word truffles or has an ingredient that I have to google.  So when the holiday’s roll around, I find myself on the hunt for simple and fun treats and crafts to do with my little.

While googling one day I happened across “Ghostly Graveyards” first.  Here is the link in case you missed the post last week. “Ghostly Graveyards” could not have been any easier.  This DIY was perfect for my little girl’s eight-year-old hands to assemble and very quickly consume (I may have helped with that part)
Fun and Easy Halloween Treat

Next, while perusing  I came across these spooky spiders. These adorable edible insects are the perfect treat, simple and easy.  Involving only five store-bought ingredients and only requiring about 10 minutes of my limited patience. I hope you enjoy this DIY as much as we did.  Be on the lookout for the next and last Halloween treat next week!
Simply & Fun Halloween TreatSimple and Fun Halloween Treatsimple and fun halloween treat

After gathering your whopping four ingredients and a helper, get to work eating, I mean assembling your spiders 😉 Spooky Spiders were especially fun for my little.  She loved putting the legs into the oreo.  The original recipe didn’t call for additional icing, that’s why it’s not in the ingredient pic above.  But the top of the oreo didn’t quite fit right and we were afraid it wouldn’t stick.  So we grabbed a tube from the pantry and stuck one dot over the licorice and it ensured the tops would hold tight!

This DIY is so easy there really aren’t any “steps,” to follow.  You just kind of wing it like we did.  First, separate the Oreos and Licorice. Then place the licorice across the Oreos and secure with a dollop of icing. Place the top of the cookie back on and dab some icing and M&M’s for eyes, voila…Spooky Spiders!

Simple and Fun Halloween Treat

Here is our completed project, what do you think?  Do you have any simple and fun Halloween treat ideas? I would love to hear your ideas in comments! Simple and Fun Halloween Treat


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