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Self Love~”Happy Wife Happy Life!” Self Love~ Awesome Deals on Items to pamper YOURSELF!

Self Love~ Awesome Deals on Items to Pamper #1~YOURSELF!

I “shouty capped” the word YOURSELF because all too often as  wives, & mothers we put ourselves last.   Last behind the sick kids, the needy husband, volunteering and whatever else consumes you.

If we have that extra money at the end of a pay period more often or not we spend it on something for the kids.  For example,  I had gift cards from Christmas that I was saving for some spring items to refresh my closet.  Guess what happened?  I went into my favorite store and found the most adorable stuff for the kiddos so bam..gone as quick as a rabbit in a magicians hat!  I’m not telling you because I think I deserve a “brownie button” for it.  And I’m not telling you something you don’t already know or do yourselves.  I’m telling you because at some point we are going to run out of air.  Just like on an airplane when we are told to give our kiddos the oxygen first in case of an emergency.

Well today let’s try to use the “Oxygen Mask” as a metaphor for our lives.  We need to stop holding our breath,  because in reality.  If I run out of oxygen because I gave it all to my children.  What more do I have to give them when they are older?

I almost lost my marbles at one point in my life when I “ran out of air.”  I am trying my best now to breathe a little easier and take time out for myself and buy myself that little gadget, or pair of jeans, or whatever it is I need to show myself some “self love.”

So ladies today’s Sipping & Shopping I brought you little Amazon nuggets just for us (on sale of course!) I hope you enjoy if you don’t purchase anything at least take 15 minutes out of your hectic day to do something just for you!

Self Love deals for the mamas, sisters, wives, and daughters out there!

Bath Bombs Set Who doesn’t love a bath?  Now wether we have the time for a bath is another thing!  But tonight lets make time!  This is a 18 pack of bath bombs! Great Deal!

Ultra Sonic Face Cleansing Tool  I have one of these and I Love mine.  Your skin will thank you! This is an awesome price at almost  80% off!









Permanent Hair Removal System Don’t have time to shave?…Story of my life,  I’ve always wanted to try this!  It’s 52% off and comes highly rated with 4.5 stars!

Self Love~ Awesome Deals on Items to pamper YOURSELF!

Foot File So funny short story..My sister got me one for my birthday and I was hacked.  What was she trying to tell me?..  Took me 3 months to open it , when I finally did ..LOVED IT.  So if you don’t have time for pedi diy with this little gem! at 43% off today!Self Love~ Awesome Deals on Items to pamper YOURSELF!







Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Love these cult favorites!  You can buy other look alike brands at the grocery store, but they aren’t the same.  These are sharper, better shaped, and less expensive!  PS  Not just for your eyebrows..You can do your whole face!  Be on the lookout in Beauty Reviews for an upcoming post about that!

Self Love~ Awesome Deals on Items to pamper YOURSELF!




10 pack Eye Patches Arge Matey…No not like a pirate!  This is a ten pack of collagen Eye Patches for those all nighters with babies and sick kiddos!







DHC Cleansing Oil If you are familiar with my blog, it’s no secret this cleansing oil is my FAVORITE item in my beauty war chest! It’s on sale today.  This is the 6.7 oz that will last you 6 months.  Welcome to the addiction!

Self Love~ Awesome Deals on Items to pamper YOURSELF!



Bestope Hair Straightener 56% off!  If you are in the market for a new flatiron this is an awesome deal!








Face Mask Bundle My most favorite Self Love Practice!  Even if I’m working at the computer, doing it with a goofy face mask on makes it all a little better!  This bundle has 2 of each type equalling 12 packs for $11.99~AWESOME


Self Love~ Awesome Deals on Items to pamper YOURSELF!










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