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Do Satin Pillowcases Really Work? I Tried One and Found Out!

Do Satin Pillowcases work?  This was just one of the billions of beauty mysteries nagging at me over the last year.

It’s hard to not feel like you are a toddler on a sugar rush. Incapable of the making even the simplest of decisions when trying to figure out which of the latest and greatest beauty products to invest in.  The beauty market is flooded with new products every day.  Each one claiming to be a “miracle product,” or the “end all.”   Such was the case when debating whether or not to buy a Satin Pillowcase.  Satin pillowcases had been on my beauty radar for the last year but never wanting to take the plunge because of the hefty price tag.  Marshall’s finally forcing my hand when I stumbled across a Luxury Satin Pillowcase marked down to $7.99 from $49.99.  Of course, convincing myself this was too good of a deal to pass up I snatched it up!

The Satin Pillowcase Hype

According to “Shine by Night” Website (the brand of Satin Pillowcase I tried) website the Satin Pillowcase benefits are;

  • Better Hair The SHINE pillowcase’s smooth sleep surface gently interacts with your hair throughout the night to boost hydration and promote healthy hair growth. Say goodnight to bedhead!
  • Better Skin- By repelling pollutants that typically collect on your sleep surface, the SHINE pillowcase will help to keep breakouts to a minimum. The unique satin formula maintains the optimal moisture of your skin to prevent wrinkle formation.
  • Better Sleep SHINE pillowcase’s lightweight satin is designed for optimal airflow, leaving you to sweat free all night long.

Why Satin?

I begged the question, why not silk, why satin?

According to their site, the satin is;

Our satin isn’t just any satin. It is so good we were told it was “too good for bedding.” The satin used to make SHINE pillowcases is 100% charmeuse that’s the finest stuff money can buy.
Ok,  I’ll buy it…Charmeuse.  I don’t know what that is, but it sounds fancy.

Putting the Pillowcase to the Test


Let me first start by saying, put your satin fears aside.  The satin pillowcase is not the same satin bedding you remember from the 80’s and 90’s. Where your biggest concern was possibly sliding off the bed in the middle of the night.  When I first took the satin pillowcase out of the packaging I was delighted to find that it resembles more of a silk than a shiny satin, I’m assuming that is the charmeuse 😉Do Satin Pillowcases Work


The Test

I took one overprocessed head of hair (mine),  a tired 43 -year old (yours truly) and a Satin Pillowcase ( the Shine by Night Satin BeautyPillowcase) and put the Satin Pillowcase to the test, switching out my pillowcase and grabbed a glass of wine and off to the land of nod I went.

Do Satin Pillowcases Work
Your’s Truly Before Bedtime, with somewhat decent hair!

The Results

Better Skin?

I was at best skeptical, of the “better skin” claims.  I’m still quite convinced that satin repels pollutants, but sounds good right?  I will say it really does feel good on your skin.  Although, since I do put a lot of skin care products on my face at night, there was a bit of residue on the pillowcase in the morning.

Better Sleep?

I was terribly afraid of overheating at night, being a victim of the night sweats more often than not in my forties. But I was pleasantly surprised that the satin pillowcase did not get damp or overheated.  I slept great, not once having to wake up and flip my pillow, due to …Ok, I’m just going to say it…sweating like I have an untreated case of Malaria, as is usually the case.

Better Hair?…YES!

I will say that my hair felt AMAZING in the morning!  I attribute that to less friction from the satin. Usually sleeping on high thread count cotton percale myself,  still doesn’t compare to the silkiness of the satin pillowcase.

Do Satin Pillowcases Work
5 am! Post Pillowcase (AWESOME HAIR) Pre-coffee!

Seriously folks, where were these pillowcases when I was dating?  These are a game changer! No more bedhead, no more coyote ugly for you guys (google it) – sorry mom!  I Naturally have frizzy and unruly hair but I woke up looking like I just had a blowout, and that NEVER happens. I think I looked better at 5 am than I did before I went to bed. My hair looked tousled and amazing.  I usually wake up looking like I stuck my hand in a light socket.  Thank you Satin Pillowcase Gods, you are a keeper.

If you do have been on the fence about a Satin Pillowcase, take the plunge.  They are worth it!


My oldest daughter has stolen it and I now need to purchase another Satin Pillowcase… #lifewithdaughters

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