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Roatan, Honduras – PayaBay Resort

Roatan is one of Honduras’s Caribbean Bay Islands.  We recently visited for a day while on a cruise.  I was looking for a very private beach and their website promised just that, as well as naturists.  I am not a prude so we went for it.  The drive from the port was about an hour.  Our taxi driver from the resort was lovely and very knowledgeable.  Our taxi mates were fellow Texans so conversation flowed easily.  Little did I know I would be seeing A LOT of them later?  We arrived at the resort and was greeted with a cocktail and appetizer and a tour of the grounds.  The beach was awe inspiring.  White sand, crystal blue water, amazing foliage, and a just right breeze set the scene for a perfect day.  We jumped in the water it could not have been more perfect not too hot not too cold.  They had a plunge pool on the beach to refresh in when the saltwater became too much, which it does after a while.  Lunch arrived by an oh so cute waiter around noon.  An entire fish eyeballs and all with red beans and rice.  The best red beans and rice I have ever eaten!  The fresh blended cocktails started to flow, the inner naturist kinda-sort of came out in me.  We stayed till about three when our driver showed to take us back to the ship.  We could not have asked for a better day in Roatan!


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