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RHOBH Season Premiere Recap: Season 8 Episode 1

Rhobh Season 8 Episode 1 Recap-New Hair & New Attitudes! It’s going to be a good season and the drama has already begun!

The show begins with Erika Jayne in her own kitchen waking up looking fabulous in leopard pj’s asking “where the f is the sugar!” and sums up why I love this show! And what 40 something woman doesn’t want a “Clubhouse?” She is a pretty mess and I love her!

Erika Jayne, isn’t this how we all want to wake up? #theprettymess

Switch scene to “lips Rinna.” She is having a vitamin drip coming to house (must be an LA thing.) Both of her daughters have signed with the modeling agency IMG. Rinna is now their” momager.” I guess that includes vitamin drips and cortisone shots into their blemishes.  Irony- As Rinna is talking about the importance of them staying grounded girls are asking if someone can pack for them. ( insert eye roll here)

lisa rinna and her girlies “staying grounded” HA!

Kyle– My second favorite housewife! Mainly because hotness factor of Mauricio (kyle’s hubby.) Scene opens to Kyle and Lisa lunching with Kyle’s Birkin Bag (which is deserving of its own chair at the restaurant, LOVE IT.)  Kyle wants to plan a Vegas trip for Erica, Dorit, and Rinna. Who btw don’t play so nice together.  FYI Lisa looks like she’s had some work done, but good work very subtle, and loving the lighter hair not as harsh.)

Dorit is as usual on trend, this time sporting Kim K prison braids and John Lennon shades which are making a comeback unfortunately. Again, we are watching a scene where Dorit is self- proclaiming her awesome parenting skills. Which personally I find very strange, most parents are worried about their insecurities and shortcomings in this area not bragging about their achievements. Leading me to believe she is probably super insecure and trying to cover to convince her self otherwise. But that is deserving of a whole other blog and in an effort to keep it light lets move on!…Dorit and Teddi (new housewife) are at a play date together with champagne, btw AWESOME BUT RIDICULOUS! Dorit offers to bring Teddi into the group.

rhobh season 8 prison braids & champagne
Prison braids & Champagne!

Teddi-The scene opens at Teddi’s overtly colorful house. Teddi of course in her backyard, in daisy dukes and 9 inch wedges, hmmmm? And she admits that her hub was a one- night stand! What the what?! Hats off to her for honesty! Her dad is John Mellencamp. Again with  the “my kids are not spoiled” routine but a nanny taking them to school! G-d I love this Show!

One night stand turned husband and Legs for days!

Next Scene Opens to Dorit and weird Hub PK which she calls “bubba” talking smack about Rinna… PK- Why is he always home? Am I the only one that thinks he is strangely pink and weird?

rhobh “pinky PK”

Back to Teddi, Dorit and LIsa V- Lisa V immediately starts with the inquisition of Teddi, just because she is Lisa and she can.  Dorit attempts to catch Teddi up on the past shenanigans of the group with an attempt to jade her opinion.  The teams begin to form as they always do every season.

CAMILLE IS BACK! This should be interesting! I hope she is dating someone this season. She deserves to find someone after Frasier and meanie Italian guy! #ilovecamille

All of the ladies meet at the airport Vegas bound, Awkward silence between Erika and Dorit.  They both look like they would rather be licking  toilets  than be traveling together.  Erika looks fierce as usual. Dorit has bizarre hair that Kyle calls her out on in the the confessional. Kyle is sporting gold Prada shoes, why not? Camille looks like she’s going on a picnic. It’s a motley crew! Private Jet of course.  And here comes the pot stirring…Kyle tells the ladies that she ran into Hamlin (rinna’s husband) and he wanted to know what is going to be done about Kyle’s sister.   Best part of the entire scene, Lisa spills water into Kyle’s Birkin and they laugh about it! $15,000 bag getting wet, child’s play to these women!

Birkin Bag Disaster!

Fast forward to Vegas…Dorit travels with her glam squad-shocker as well as Erika. Erika can get away with it because I just feel that Erika owns her s#@! and she is authentic. I don’t get that vibe from Dorit.  They all are ready to go out.. Fashion Police-Kyle looks like Mrs. Roboto, Dorit looks like well I’m not sure, I like the dress but I don’t like the head band it’s too much. Teddi is smokin’ hot, legs for days! Rinna of course looks great for her age!  Lisa well she always looks classy.  #goals

Vegas Glam on Rhobh

Overall this season has potential. They are starting the drama off quick with the Vegas trip! I am foreseeing drama with Erika and Teddi they both seem like alpha’s and it’s impossible to have two alphas in one group of ladies. One has to bow down.  I’m hoping Camille receives some more air time.  I also hope that Teddi has staying power.  The last few ladies that they tried to bring on didn’t have such luck.  I’d like to see Rinna keep her lips out of trouble, but then again that would make for a boring season!

My guess for next week …Lots of Vegas drama!  What happens in Vegas with rhobh definitely WON’T stay in Vegas!

Pop Quiz-  Who remembers what DSL lips are?  hahahaha!

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