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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~RECAP SEASON 8 FINALE!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~SEASON 8 FINALE RECAP

Holy Heels Housewives it’s the Finale!  Where did the time go?

The Housewives Finale opens with the much anticipated launching of Dorit’s “Beverly Beach” swimwear line.  The fashion show is complete with live 19-foot palm trees.

In the show preview they flashback to Dorit circa 2103…”Um, one of these things is not like the other.”  The ladies arrive for the night on point of course and seriously camera ready with every falsie in place! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~SEASON 8 FINALE RECAP

Camille announces her engagement to David with a very modest rock (insert sarcasm.)  I’m so happy for her, eat your heart out Frasier! She deserves happiness after Frasier cheating, cancer, and boyfriend  beater…YIKES!  Talk about a series of unfortunate events!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~SEASON 8 FINALE RECAP

Backstage before the show, Kyle brings up Dorit’s rebel rousing.  The question really is when doesN’T she rebel rouse?

The famous ridiculously large curtain drops and the show begins.  Great swimwear for the upper elite size 2 (just jealousy speaking here.) There was one-one piece in the line and not sure if you could call it a one-piece if it goes completely up the arse into the model’s tonsils, but it is what it is.  Overall it is what it was meant to be super cute for the super skinny and super rich. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~SEASON 8 FINALE RECAP

The Magazine Cover that Never Was

Kyle asks Lisa V about the magazine cover that Dorit is supposed to be the cover of (catch up here) .  Lisa never told Dorit that they weren’t going to use the photo’s after all.  Vanderpump  is now in the hot seat fielding questions from every single housewife coming to Dorit’s defense.  She is backed up against a magazine cover if you will 😉 Did Kyle already know and purposefully wait for Dorit’s show to bring this up?..Hmmmm

Dorit picks up on this immediately and calls Kyle out citing unresolved issues.  Kyle calls Dorit “delusional” in the confessional.  Erika finally speaks up and helps Kyle out.  Lisa V also lends a helping mouth.  Once again a night ends in destruction because no one can speak their truth.  As much as I love Erika her switch flips when not necessary and then when it’s supposed to flip-nada!

In a totally unrelated filler scene at Lisa Rinna’s house Jonathan Antin comes over to Handsome Harry’s House to cut his hair.  #thestruggle. Does anyone remember the reality show he used to have, “Blow Out?”  Before reality shows were so huge.  It was great here’s a snip! 

“American Women” & Hypocritical Housewives

Kyles show “American Woman” is about to debut so she is having a viewing party.  Teddi shows up first and Kyle calls her “Timely Spice” LOVE IT!

So If you were wondering what Fashion at a private cozy viewing home party is …DUH Cocktail Chic! Teddi is sporting the greasy slicked back long hair, Yuck. Not sure if I’ll ever like that look, kind of reminiscent of Palmer’s “guitar girls”  sans guitar. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~SEASON 8 FINALE RECAP

Kyle discloses to the housewives that she left the fashion show frustrated and apologizes…Chicken shit.  Lisa V asks Dorit if she wants to further discuss it, Dorit says no to the housewives.  In the confessional she says “YES!” OMG Meaning Once again she will bring up old issues once again. Can’t wait for this reunion,  the claws will be out I hope their extensions are in.  They might just give “Hotlanta” a run for their money.

The show- season ends on a high note with all of women praising each other’s accomplishments.  Yada yada,  I’m all about women empowerment but don’t tear each other down one minute and bs another.

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Do you think Dorit will get caught up in all of her lies?…Let me know in comments!










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