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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~RECAP Berlin, Beer and Block Heels

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~RECAP

High Fashion in Berlin steals the show.  From block heels to more fanny packs High Fashion in Germany is the pulse of this weeks Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  

This week’s episode opens up with the housewives waking up in Berlin.  Shocker.Shopping! With Dorit sporting ANOTHER Fanny Pack. Idk why that bothers e so much but it does.  I don’t care if it’s Gucci or Chanel but they are friggin’ ugly.  



Lisa V, Erika Jayne, And Dorit are shopping.  While doing so they have a shopping concierge , Axl.  There isn’t enough money in the world for this guy.  They are wearing him the “F” out.




Berlin, Beer and Block Heels

The ladies then head out to go riding.  Horses that is 😉 Dressed to the 9!  Of course, Dorit immediately asks for the most likable horse.  I am lol ..Dying!  Is there such a thing?   Kyle is riding the smallest flipping horse I have ever seen.  Rinna’s horse then takes off on her,  really more like a trott.  But it’s the Housewives and they are prone to being dramatic so we will humor them and call it a runaway horse.  Kyle Richards then has an allergic reaction followed by a panic attack.  Does anything ever go smoothly with these ladies?


The housewives meet in Erika’s presidential suite for a casual (insert sarcasm) dinner.  Where might I add, Ms. Girardi looks Fierce Capital F! Housewives

Lisa Rinna discusses how her daughter Delilah has agoraphobia.  Bizarre,  I guess being a supermodel hasn’t squashed that (no shade I swear!)

Dorit brings up drama.  OMG!!!!  Someone just throw a fork at her Pulleasee!  Kyle is sick of the back and forth and snaps at Lisa V.  The housewives look like they are going to break their necks watching a ping pong game with this back and forth.

Lisa then shuts up Teddi and Lisa R intervenes.  LOVE IT!…Get me some popcorn!  Erika Jayne just keeps on eating lmao!  And then “pantigate” from a YEAR ago comes up! WTF?!  Erika finally cuts dinner short.  These ladies are insane legit insane!

The ladies meet to hash things out but in separate groups.  Kyle confronts Lisa V.  Lisa V deflects,  I really don’t think she’s capable of a deep friendship because this seems to be a constant theme over the years of watching. The other ladies confront Dorit (fanny pack sighting #2 eyeroll) rather passive-aggressively regarding her pot stirring and again she denies any wrongdoing.  The horse is dead.  Teddi can “accountability coach” her till the day is long.  There is no hope for that one!

The Housewives head out for a day of sightseeing.  All goes relatively well.  Other than Erika Jaynes bizarre outfit.  The scene was boring.


I can’t quite get a grasp on the bizarre Berlin fashion.  Obviously block heels and thick wedges are back in.  I can live with that what I can’t deal with is wearing them with crop pants.


You cannot justify bad choices as fashion especially fingerless bedazzled gloves and velvet robes during the day.  I don’t care who designed them, how much they cost, or who is wearing them.

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