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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~RECAP Avatars,Dogs, Thongs & Berlin!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~RECAP

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is heading into the 3rd inning of the season with no real drama in sight. And I’m a little concerned for the Beverly Hills ladies.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Snooze fest.  High Fashion and Hair Extensions aside there really aren’t any great story lines this season.  

This weeks Real Housewives of Beverly Hills opens with Kyle Richards getting ready to move to her new house.  One question..When you have oodles of money why don’t you hire movers?

Erika Jayne is hosting the Housewives at her house for a big announcement.  Dorit  shows up late(where are her pants? ) Sometimes fashion is just too much for me.  Erika announces the debut of her new app and avatar, pretty cool!Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-RECAP

The ladies are discussing the lack of opportunities for 40 plus women #PREACH !  And Lisa Rinna inserts foot into mouth “Ugh how many older men are married to younger men!”  Erika of course took it with a grain of salt.

Teddi is discussing her apprehension about the Berlin trip with Edwin.  She says it is because of the kids and her responsibilities…BS Teddi is shaking in her Louboutins she is so afraid of the Housewives.

Dogs, Thongs & Berlin

Dorit calls Lisa V to offer condolences about Pink dog and Pikacho.  Lisa V ~”Please I don’t want to talk about it.”  Dorit~ on and on and on …Heartless.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-RECAP

Fast forward to Dorit previewing  her swimwear line.  It is fabulous if you are 95 pounds, never had kids and live a total celery lifestyle.  Hence the name “Beverly Beach.”  A totally IMAGINARY PLACE just like the person that’s supposed to wear these gold, side boob, not ever meant to get wet swimsuits.  REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS-RECAP

The housewives are at Lisa V project unveiling.  Lisa R hair is amazing!  I love love love it down! Why she doesn’t do this more often is a mystery.  The 90’s shag is so not flattering on her anymore.

Ok down to serious dog business for a minute;  Here is the link to the foundation formed by Lisa V to stop the torture of dogs in Yulin.    Living in the 21 century it befuddles and sickens me that this behavior still exhists.  Pure evil.  Click on the link to watch, learn, and give. 

Back to fun stuff and nonsense!  I love watching the ladies getting ready for a trip.  The ridiculous of it all is just like candy for my brain.  From Erika and her stylist to Dorit and her fake life I just cant!   ( In a good way)

Erika shows up to the airport with THREE TRUNKS! love it!  They pack for 4 days like I would for three months around the world.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-RECAP

The ladies survive the 15 hour first class flight in their first class pods 😉 #thestruggle

The ladies meet for drinks..Useless tidbit of knowledge for the night ;  Aperol Spritz!  I’m going to try this weekend, sounds delish! A champagne drink with orange flavor…Your welcome!

Lisa V immediately starts with the drama, Lord have mercy.  She calls Rinna “less engaged.” Referring to her not causing drama this season.  Vanderpump also gets her spanx in a bunch when Kyle doesn’t know  who her gma is.  I’m sorry most of my good friends wouldn’t know who my deceased grandmother is.   Lisa why are you testing your friends? That is the bigger question.

I still stick by my opinion that this is by far the most boring RHOBH Season Yet.  If it weren’t for “love to hate her” Dorit.  There wouldn’t be much drama.

Best Moment of the Show-Duh the Avatar!

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