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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~RECAP Rage, Regret, & More Amnesia!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~RECAP

WOW!  This weeks episode of Housewives of Beverly Hills begins with a fast forward to a huge fight and Erika Jaynes Claws OUT!..I am on Pins and Needles!

Erika and Lisa R meet up with Eileen Davidson HW alum from last season.  They are catching up Eileen with all the gossip and she is just as surprised as everyone else when they tell her that they are ok with Dorit…Time will tell.  At the very least Dorit brings the drama other wise this would be a snore of a season! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~RECAP

Kyle and Mauricio (aye aye aye so hot) are talking about moving into another house after just remodeling #theotherhalf (insert eye roll)

Lisa and Teddi are discussing Dorit and you can tell Teddi is tender footing around the subject of Dorit and PK.  Teddi eventually tells Lisa R that Dorit disclosed that she never felt Lisa was genuine in her apology.  Aye here comes the drama. Poor Teddi like a lamb led to the slaughter…Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~RECAP

Dorit and Pk are holding a business meeting about her swimwear line.  It seems to me like he is running the show now. I will try to find some of the “Beverly Beach” line for ya my peeps.  I’m curious as to what it’s all about. Especially since PK changed the name and lowered the price point. PS Whats with the Sausage Fingers…EWE…

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~RECAP

Dorit and Erika meet at Casa Erika for lunch and again with the f*&^%! glasses.  OMG If I have to hear one more glass comment I’m going to bash my head in!  Erika calls Dorit out on her jealousy of Lisa V’s friendship with Teddi and she admits it…Gross.  Aren’t we all adults?

At the same time Lisa V and Teddi are meeting at Lisa V’s “Pump”.  Lisa calls her “Teddi Bear”  bahaha!

Drum roll….The longest lunch in history is finally here!..The ladies are all arriving all in black and sequin! this is the most elaborate lunch I have ever seen.

Rage, Regret, and More Amnesia

Ok try To keep up …On the car ride over Teddi discloses to Dorit the convo to Lisa about her being filled with “rage and regret,” 3 months ago!.. And then Dorit brings up the ball gag and Camille and that she’s upset still UGH.  Lisa V then tries to stand up for Teddi, that goes over like a lead balloon.  Lisa R.  Describes it perfectly saying she’s a ‘baby dolphin in a pool of sharks.”  There is so much backpedaling in this conversation I can smell smoke thru my flat screen.

Erika gets so angry she’s about to flip a table when accused of “having amnesia.” I was a little concerned for Teddi’s wellbeing at that point.    Ok can anyone really have amnesia on this show…ROLL THE TAPE.  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~RECAP

How Teddi made it to this point I have no idea I would have left hours ago.  And then she is classy enough to say goodbye to Dorit.  And Cherry on the Cake…Dorit grabs her arm and says “you’re not allowed to be upset?”  Seriously my closet chola would have come out and I would have gotten arrested… hold my earrings ladies it’s on.  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~RECAP

Teddi leaves the lunch/dinner in tears with the ladies basically chasing her out of the restaurant.  Lisa V the only one sticking by her side.  Friendship on this show is a fickle bitch.

Forecast- Teddi was basically “HW hazed.”  I haven’t met a hw this hasn’t happened to, the ? is will she toughen up?


Best Moment of the Show  ~ When Erika’s Claws AND fangs come out and yells at poor Teddi

PS…I found Beverly Beach…Ehhh…Nothing is under $68 and it’s a lot of bum Go here to check it out….

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