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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-RECAP Creepy Dolls, Hurt Feelings, and Beach Houses!

Creepy Dolls, Hurt Feelings and Beach Houses were the pressing matters in the manicured hands of the ladies tonight. 

This weeks Rhobh opens with PK insulting my least Favorite Person Dorit by saying Boy George loves to sing with people that can’t sing! Bahahaha!…And if we didn’t have enough proof that Dorit was obsessed with herself, Yet another reason..She had a Replica Doll or her and the Kids made for PK!!! CREEPY!!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-Recap

Lisa, Kyle, and Dorit meet and right away drink the kool-aid and discuss last weeks boat fight & Kyle backing poor Teddi.  Dorit tells Kyle it is “simply inexcusable for her to have done that.”  WTH?…If memory serves Lisa was piping up and had Dorit’s back about the damn stemware.  (P.S  Kyle looks fabulous at this fight with a High Pony and crisp collar ) Kyle’s balls get sucked back in and starts crying..Toughen up buttercup.  Then Lisa leaves because she is not the center of attention #nevertoooldtoberotten

The second Lisa leaves,  Two timing Dorit and Kyle start trash talking.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-REcap


Aye these women,  No loyalty.  Then these women go into Lisa’s upbringing…That’s rich (no pun intended) Dorit and Kyle agree that a pseudo-intervention needs to take place.  Insert Eyeroll Here! 


I’m going to skip the part where Rinna is talking to her daughters about them wanting a non-surgical facelift at 18..No explanation needed, I don’t believe you need an explanation for that one.

Teddi is hosting a “potluck” at her adorable beach house.  I’m anxious to see what everyone brings, or doesn’t bring 😉  On the way up Kyle and Dorit are in a car gossiping about Lisa.  And in another car Lisa and Erika are talking about Kyle.  Cue the drama…Ding Ding Ding Round one about to start! Side note- What is Dorit wearing?  It looks like an overpriced fish net! Just my opinion.  Kyle and Lisa start the “discussions” if you can call them that.  Of course nothing is solved…SHOCKER.

The conversation moves to the beach.  All I can say is thank God for professional Lighting! And Erika Jayne and her frankness in the confessional.  She accurately calls it when she calls everyone petty!  That is them in a nutshell! Both women finally apologize and move on and I personally would like to know how Teddi lights a fire on a wet beach with a lighter?  I’m just sayin’


Best Moment of the Show-When Dorit lost her mind and accused Kyle of butting in the convo…She is ill!


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