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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-RECAP High Fashion, Backstabbing, and Drama at Fashion Week!

High Fashion, Backstabbing, and Drama at Fashion Week!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills opens with all of the housewives in NY for Fashion Week.  Camille is there supporting her daughter Mason who is walking the catwalk.  I’m Not quite sure about Camille’s outfit..It’s fashion week and she looks like she is going to Easter Sunday Mass.   Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-RECAP

Teddi, Camille and Kyle meet for snacks before a show and the gossiping about Dorit’s behavior begins.  Of course Teddi has to inform Kyle that Dorit is talking about everyone.  As much as I like her I think she’s a pot stirrer also.

At the very same time Dorit and Lisa V are walking thru NY talking about Kyle.  Lisa V tells Dorit if there are any other “gossip nuggets” that she needs to know about it, now is the time.  Dorit stands there contemplating what sh*t she’s going to bring up. Dorit immediately begins to back pedal about what she has said in the past.

When are these ladies going to learn not to turn their backs on Dorit!

Erika is in NYC to visit Simon & Schuster her publishers for her new book soon to be released.  (side note-her co-author goes to the meeting in a short suit… WTH?)

High Fashion in NYC

The ladies are all with their “glam squads”. #goals getting ready for the first shows.  Let’s see who owns the night?  My  money is on Erika Jayne and second will go to Kyle. Aye the amount of make-up!  It looks like paint spackle!

Dorit is playing the androgynous fashion card, Kyle awesome leather pant outfit and high ponytail on point!  Erika is wearing this “Toy Soldierish” pink dress.  I know it’s High Fashion but still  not sure how I feel about it.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-RECAP

Dorit makes her way to the “Bella” Magazine cover.  Yes we know your the cover you’ve only mentioned it 8 million times.  At the cover party they were serving “Dorit” popsicles or shooters of some sort.  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-RECAP

Lisa meets up before Kyle before the show to confirm what Dorit had been talking about.  Kyle freely tells Lisa V all the smack Dorit has been talking. It was a ping pong tournament of conversations…I got a neck cramp just watching!

Is the jig finally going to be up?  All of the ladies are slowly divulging Dorit’s conversations within the group.  I’m hoping someone FINALLY sees thru the Dorit !

After the shows and parties, the ladies make their way to a lounge.  Teddi is wearing a short skirt and exposing her “hello Kitty.”  Erika very politely tells her.  If your a fan of this show you’ll get why this is a great moment!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-RECAP
I’ll let the emoji’s set the scene 😉

Kyle confronts Dorit about the back stabbing and gossip.  The best part is when they play the clip and show that Dorit is lying.  I CANNOT wait for the reunion…Let the extensions  fly!  Lisa V sits there like a bump on a log instead of backing Kyle up, That’s not going to go over well.  How easily Lisa V forgets what it’s like to be in the hot seat.  They leave and of course Dorit starts crying.  The Hw’s load up to leave and Erika tells Dorit “Don’t you say a thing!”  Kyle finally sees Dorit for who she is.  Of course this fight goes on way to long and Teddi saves the day by mediating this ride fight…LOVE HER! Oh and the entire time Rinna is three sheets to the wind! ..Priceless


If I could tell the Housewives one thing it would be don’t fight when alcohol is involved!

Best Moment of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Episode- Well two great moments…When Erika tells Dorit “Don’t you say a Thing!”  and When Erika tells Teddi about her short skirt.


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