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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap- Week 2 has More fashion a lot less drama.

This week opens with Rinna walking into the Suite at the Palazzo.  Awkwardly greeting the ladies to say the least. The Pretty mess a fashion goddess and channeling her “s&m Barbie/ Russian Hooker” personality for the evening.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap
“Russian Hooker/S&M Hooker” #theprettymess

Adrianne Maloof makes an appearance (blast from the past!) and yes her face is certainly in the present, fight the good fight Adrianne!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap
Adrienne Maloof

Dinner scene- All the ladies are getting along and it’s only a matter of time until someone begins to stir the pot. Dorit has the spoon first, with wanting to go to the ferris wheel and says she “wants to push someone out”  a little too loud for” lips rinna” to NOT hear.

Turns out Teddi is an “accountability coach” I’m going to assume that is like a life coach. She goes on to say that she has a weight fluctuation problem, Huh?   They make some idle chit chat at the table. Hopefully this episode will get a little more exciting.

Club Scene-Dancing very PG no dramz yet, maybe except for Camille’s non-pole “pole dancing.”

Lisa calls home to news that her daughter has charged $280 for wagyu steak dinner and she chuckles. So much for last weeks attempt at keeping her girls  grounded.

Dorit calls “pinky/bubba” and he “bubbas” her back! (still weird)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap
so weird

The girls decide to go to the pool one word #goals I don’t think I’ve ever  had an arse like that!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Dorit, Erika, and Teddi go to the casino tell the croupier that they would like chips and they are starting small at 5K yes you heard me right 5K?! Ah I don’t think even if I had it I would gamble that much! They proceed to lose it all.I’m not quite understanding Dorit’s outfit Im sure it was Bucks and it’s high fashion but It looks like haute pajamas to me, not quite sure it would be my choice for vegas attire.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap
mo’ money

Ok hopefully we are getting so some action here… Lips is talking to Kyle and Camille about how she just wants to move on and not rehash her conflict with Dorit. At the same time Dorit is talking to Erika and Lisa and saying she feels she needs to let her feelings out.  Kyle then opens up to Erika about the Hamlin Hiking Scene and Erika tells her to tread lightly.

Obviously the Ferris Wheel is where the drama is going to go down. Put all of the Real Housewives in a glass ball with alcohol for 40 minutes with no way out…Recipe for disaster! Dorit opens with “I don’t want to ever feel like I’m in danger.” What the what? Danger?? Dorit was caught on tape saying awful things and now she is sporting angel wings.   The horse is dead Dorit.  I love how hypocritical all of these women are standing over Rinna lecturing her about what an a-hole she is. When they are all in confessionals throwing shade about each other.Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

The show ended on a slow note. The ladies were sitting around discussing Erika’s relationship with her father,  Oh and ice dildo’s.

Overall,  I thought this episode was a bit of a snooze.   Forecast for this season,  Rinna is going to have a rough season, and her and Teddi are going to be the two “sacrificial lambs.”  Every Real Housewives has  to have at least one.

Catch up on Rhobh week one here.

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