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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-RECAP Horses, Heels, and More Stemware!

Horses, Heels, and Stemware!  The antics and “glamtics” are beginning to stir finally!

The episode opens with Erika and Kyle shopping and gabbing about Dorit.  blah blah blah.

Rinna is talking about her everlasting career and a shot is shown from “days of our Lives 2012”  SAME HAIR!  Teddi and Lisa are at the stables riding together.  It’s kind of refreshing to see a HW do something besides shopping and lunching 😉 Fast forward to lunching at the stables (I spoke too soon) and Teddi confides in Lisa that she isn’t comfortable in having some of the ladies over to her beach house.  Reason being,  The wine glass debacle bitchiness from last week.  Lisa so nonchalantly tries to shimmy the name of the aggressor out of her to no avail.  Lisa just wants to stir the pot.  My guess is that she is going to go straight to the ladies and tattle on Teddi for what?…being a genuine and no bs kind of person?  Criminy!  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-RECAP

Dorit and Lisa Vanderpump are on a gazillion dollar yacht planning PK’s 50th birthday party.  Her budget is and I quote…”Somewhere between a range rover and a rolls royce!”  I had a petting zoo at my daughters party this summer and it was a budget buster,  I cannot relate.

Dorit is practicing for her performance of “Fever” with her bff George Michael she elicits the help of the great #prettymess.  If anyone can help her she is it!  This show should be interesting…

It’s the night of Pk’s 50th at the Bond inspired party,  Guests are arriving expected to board the boat on a gangplank in stilettos…Yikes!  Take that faux paux party etiquette and shove it with your wine glasses Dorit! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-RECAP

PK is genuinely surprised at his party.  The party is beautiful and a glam show of wealth!  Dorit pulls off “Fever!”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-RECAP






Dorit sits Teddi down to have a chat with her about what Lisa said about the glasses, ARGH!  Lisa gets in on the wine glass “bullying.”  Yes I called it that, no haters please.  Teddi  attempts to make the peace and Kyle chimes in and Dorit asks her to butt out! WTH?  Dorit proceeds to call Dorit, Psycho!  Aye aye aye!!!  I can’t I just can’t!

Best moment of the show-When Kyle says during the boat, wine glass fight, “I’m going to drink my water out of a champagne glass!” Bahahaha!

Forecast-Hopefully the ladies will see thru Dorit’s BS but doubtful!  I foresee more stemware shenanigans

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