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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-RECAP

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap Episode 4 of Season 8 -The episode of “THE LUNCHES”

Dorit is re-launching her swimwear line, really reinventing and creating a whole new line called “Nava” named after her baby.  In the business meeting one of the assistants says  “RED is having such a moment right now!”  What does that even mean? Last time I checked Red is a color?

.Teddi and Dorit are meeting for lunch and Dorit is an hour late.  Teddi calls her tardiness out, rather politely If you ask me.  If someone were an hour late for lunch without even as much as a text,  I wouldn’t be that nice.

Lisa is at her foundation “Vanderpump Rescue.”  As an animal advocate myself she gets 100 Rhobh points!

Erika and Kyle are lunching Erika talks about Tom’s car accident.  He  broke an ankle but Erika looked like she was about to burst into tear while discussing the accident.  Maybe a reality check for her seeing that he is 78?…It is nice to see her act like a mortal.

Third lunch of the episode,  this time with Teddi and Kyle.  They are discussing Dorit being a no show for lunch and Dorit gets caught in a lie.  My question is why bother lying in reality TV?  The tape is eventually going to be shown and the truth will be revealed and your going to look like an arse.Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-RECAP

Rinna checks into a hotel on 5th avenue and proceeds to disinfect everything.  My kind of girl!  She then facetimes her kiddos and Mr. Hamlin mentions that he taught their 18 year old how to do laundry.  #spoiled

It’s the millionth lunch this episode and Dorit and Kyle are discussing Dorit’s and Teddi’s “late” lunch.   I’m pretty sure Dorit is fibbing to save face.  Kyle mentions the rift in her family and  her sisters.  A tear is shed (singular) and that is the most realistic scene in this entire episode.

Rinna is getting ready to co-host  “Kelly and Ryan.”  I would totally start watching this morning show if she was a regular,  I’m just saying!  #rinnaforcohost

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-RECAPOk, next  scene opens to two more meals.  These ladies sure do eat a lot or at least pretend to!   Dorit and Lisa at one lunch  & Teddi, Camille, and Kyle at another lunch.  .  Dorit is discussing or should I say lying about her lunch with Kyle.  She mentions Kyle “sobbing” at lunch.  Color me crazy but ONE  tear doesn’t constitute sobbing, no matter the amount of botox!  Lisa is visibly  green with friend envy, after hearing that Kyle opened up about her family to Dorit.  This is a split scene with both tables AGAIN gossiping about Dorit and “late lunch.” The horse is dead ladies, drop it.  Camille then puts her two cents in  calls Dorit a “bottomless pit of bullshit!”  AMEN!Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-RECAP

Lisa calls Dorit out and reminds her that she called Camille a “c u next Tuesday.”  Dorit laughs it off and says she was kidding.  I’ve never called a friend that at a dinner party, but that’s just me.  Lisa suggests she apologize to Camille.  .  I’ll believe it when I see it.  Rinna shows up and stirs the pot bringing up Lisa and Ken and a lawsuit.  SHUT UP RINNA!  This is going to come back and bite her in her ridiculously perfect arse.

FORECAST- Rinna is going to get accused of causing drama AGAIN.

BEST MOMENT OF THE SHOW-  When Camille calls Dorit a “bottomless pit of BS!”

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