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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills RECAP

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are finally going to shake it up, If the promos are accurate-fingers crossed!  

The housewives divide and conquer in this opening scene.  Half of them are headed to Tokyo for Rinna’s girls modeling career.  The other half are staying behind to cause trouble in Beverly Hills.

The show opens up with Teddi and some of the ladies headed over to Lisa Vanderpump’s “zoo mansion”  rightly named by Teddi.  Lisa’s closet is bigger than my entire master bedroom plus bathroom.  Ok,   I’ve done a lot of lunches but none like this,  It is like a five star restaurant complete with “Rocio” her housekeeping serving.  Nonetheless the trash talking about Rinna starts immediately.  Teddi see’s Dorit’s hypocrisy and calls her out in the confessional along with Dorit’s two personalities,  Fun loving girl and trash talking mean girl. AMEN!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills RECAP
Fabulous Pink Lunch!

I like Teddi more and more every episode.  She seems like the most normal Beverly Hills “parent.”  She takes her kids hiking. Which I think is hilarious because they never got out of the stroller!

Lisa meets with Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine,  She is not the editor in chief… hmmm. She suggests that Dorit be her model for the next story for the magazine.  I’m not sure this is going to work out.  I hate to assume but I’m just going to go ahead and guess that Dorit is not so easy to work with.

Tokyo- Rinna and Erika are in Tokyo.  Of course Erika is dressed so “tokyo-ish.”  I love it!   In one scene she has a bright pink wig and owns it.  YES PLEASE! I just added Tokyo and visiting a Geisha House to my bucket list.Real Housewives of Beverly Hills RECAP

I was right!  Dorit gets to the photoshoot and is awwwfffuuulll.  She insults the stylist while in his chair saying she looks awful.  Then she looks at the proof’s and complains some more about how “awful” she looks.  Mind you this is the same makeup and stylist group that Cate Blanchett uses.  No comment.

In Tokyo Rinna tells Erika how uncomfortable she is now that she accepted her portion of the last conflict and Dorit never did.  She decides to leave it all behind her and let bygones be bygones.  Well see about that,  especially when she hears about all the trash talking that has been taking place.

Forward to the dinner party from Hell at Kyle’s house.  They all show up for a “casual” backyard dinner party, wearing nicer clothes than I wear to weddings.  Dorit immediately starts complaining about the weather,  as if Kyle can do something about that.  Aye Mauricio this man is a tall drink of water.  Camille shows up with the new bf David.  He is super cute definitely a step up from Frasier.  Dorit proceeds to get trashed.  She is the definition of a mean drunk.  You know she’s misbehaving when PK tells her to shhhh.  Dorit calls camille a stupid “c u next Tuesday!”  Mauricio even tries to quiet her down.  I would be mortified.Real Housewives of Beverly Hills RECAP

Lisa and Erika and Rinna’s girls are at dinner.  Her girls tell mommy her Sex book taught them to give head.  Hmmm.. I’m all about not judging and trying to be progressive parent, but I’m not quite sure about that.

Overall I thought tonights Episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was the best so far this season.  The drama is finally starting to stir.

Forecast– I really think the ladies are going to wise up to Dorit’s antics this season.  Or at least I hope so!

Most Awkward moment-Dorit calling Camille a (c u next tuesday)

#theprettymess took the best hair of the night award!

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