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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap– Week 3   Unfortunately hair and babies took the awards for most exciting this week.  

This Week’s Rhobh episode opens with my Fav (not) Dorit and “Pinky” talking about Vegas.   Dorit decides to include Rinna on her upcoming birthday festivities how polite of her. 

Kyle’s scene opens to her complaining about her renovation hell to which I can completely relate to.  Just not quite at that scale.  I didn’t just decide to change the shape of my pool because it was “ugly.’  #richpeopleproblems

Rinna and Teddi at lunch getting to know each other complaining about tuition cost of CA schools upwards of $35k Oh my!  Teddi goes on to invite all of the girls to an upcoming horse show she is competing in (drama potential)

Dorit’s Birthday Lunch at Villa Blanca– Lisa’s Restaurant and Jagger,  Dorit’s daughter goes on to call Erika Jayne a “Bad Guy” as well as Lisa Vanderpump-Mic Drop!… Dorit unsuccessfully tries to tell everyone that he is into good and bad guys.  

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap
“Bad Guy”

Teddi tells Erika Jayne that she felt like she was “dismissed” in Vegas by Erika.  As my sweet friend Kendra likes to say “toughen up buttercup!”

Erika meets with her co-author and discusses her childhood and her estranged father.  No comment this isn’t the right blog post to get into daddy issues,  I could write a book! 

Rinna, Lisa and Dorit are headed to Teddi’s horse show.   Lisa whips out her license and divulges she was born in 1960 that makes her 58!  Why did I think she was older than that?! 

Skip ahead to Dorit’s and Pinky’s Dinner party with Teddi and Edwin….I’m not even going to get into the Hermes China.  My question is… Who really believes Dorit when she tells Pinky she is going to cook?  It doesn’t take long for the dinner party to turn into a Rinna bashing party.  Pinky and Dorit tell Teddi that they think Rinna is schizophrenic..Yikes!  Hold the phone…In last weeks episode Dorit forgave Rinna and said she NEVER gossiped about Rinna?? 

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Gossiping Dinner Party

Overall week 3 of Real Housewives was tame week,  STILL waiting for this season to shake up and wake up!

*Most Awkward moment of the show goes to- Teddi and Edwin are emotionally telling the story of their baby boy almost dying at birth and Pinky PK tries to compare his babies cone head to their circumstance. 

Number of Dorit Hairstyles-4!

Best Moment of the Show– Baby Jagger calling Erika Jayne and Lisa “Bad Guys!”

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