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Quick & Easy Valentine Craft – “Lovebug!”

This Quick & Easy Valentine Craft The “Lovebug” is the perfect 5 minute craft for little hands. You can do this craft for a group in a classroom setting or at home with your Valentine!

The directions for the “Lovebug” are easy and gathering the supplies take no time at all. In fact, you might already have them in your craft supply and fridge!


  • Fruit Cups (your choice)
  • Foam Hearts or Stickers
  • Googly Eyes
  • Pom Poms
  • Pipe Cleaners (asst colors)
  • Glue Gun (glue type dries fastest)
  • Any other type of embellishment you would like to add
Quick & Easy Valentine Craft - "Lovebug"


  1. Glue on the feet to your “Lovebug” ie; hearts

2) Grab your pipe cleaners and bend in half and glue the pom poms on the ends of your pipe cleaners.

3) Glue on your googly eyes and nose ( I didn’t bother taking a photo of this one, because 1) I was getting a little pushback of “Mom can’t we ever do a craft without pictures.” And 2) glueing on googly eyes and a pom pom nose is pretty simple and self explanatory! Voila, you have yourself a oh so cute “Lovebug” for YOUR Lovebug!

What craft will you be doing for Valentine’s Day this Year? I’d love to know in comments!

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