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Quick & Easy Superbowl Appetizer Recipe Last Minute Superbowl Dip Recipe!

Tired of the same ol‘ chips and dip but need a Quick & Easy Superbowl Appetizer Recipe? Well, look no further!  This 4 Ingredient 5 Minute Dip Recipe with ingredients you probably have in your pantry is the answer! 

“Hillbilly Dip” is a third generation recipe my grandmother used to make,  I often whip up when I’m in need of a filler for family dinners or unexpected guest stopovers. Despite the name of the recipe because of the low budget ingredients Hillbilly Dip is always a crowd pleaser!

“Hillbilly Dip”

4 Ingredients & 5 Minutes


  • 8 oz graded sharp cheddar
  • 7 oz canned green chile I always use mild for kiddos
  • 1/3 cup mayo (light) light-you can use whatever you have on hand


  1. Mix them all together….AND SERVE with RITZ Crackers.  The dip doesn’t taste the same with other crackers.  (We have tried)

  2. (hint)  I always take to party’s on dollar tree trays, So if it doesn’t make it back I’m not disappointed.  

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