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Quick and Easy Christmas Krispies Baking Recipe!


Here is a  Quick and Easy Christmas baking recipe that you can whip up in less than 30 minutes using ingredients you have in your pantry? This recipe is a spin on a classic. 

This recipe for Rice Krispie Treats was given to me from a friend and I added the spin, the spin being Mexican Vanilla!  I cannot bake without this stuff.  Some believe the vanilla beans are darker therefor richer flavor similar to coffee.  Others believe the smoking and drying process is longer deriving a sweeter flavor.  Don’t fret if you don’t have Mexican Vanilla regular vanilla extract will work just fine.  If you want to add Mexican vanilla to your pantry, you can get it t here on amazon.

Gather your ingredients.  For an entire sheet pan I use:

12 cups of Rice Krispies

2 X 10 oz bags of small marshmallows

3 tbls of vanilla

1/2 cup butter (I only bake with salted)

Quick and Easy Christmas Krispies Baking Recipe!
Rice Krispies, Marshmallows
Quick and Easy Christmas Krispies Baking Recipe!
Secret Ingredient- Mexican Vanilla

Next, in a not scorched or scratched pot like mine melt your butter and add marshmallows and vanilla and melt until creamy consistency.

Quick and Easy Christmas Krispies Baking Recipe!
It should look like a chocolate milkshake

Next add your Rice Krispies,  (Generic are fine) Add only a little at a time or things are going to get crazy on your stovetop! When everything is mixed together.  Get your cooking sheet or whatever you are choosing to use and spray with non-stick cooking spray.  I also spray my parchment paper, AND the spatula!   I learned this the hard way once, and had to peel parchment paper off an entire batch!

Quick and Easy Christmas Krispies Baking Recipe!
Rice Krispie Treat

Next after making sure the spatula is clean 😉 let them sit in or out of the fridge depending on your kitchen temp.  (They usually take about 20 minutes to set) cut into whatever shape you desire.  I prefer small because they are so rich you can’t eat larger sizes.

Quick and Easy Christmas Krispies Baking Recipe!
One sheet pan worth of Rice Krispie treats, with leftovers for me!

I hope you enjoy!!





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  1. Yvette... the most amazing lil sis. Ever. Reply

    Ella and I discovered you can microwave mallows and it’s a gagillion times easier with less clean-up!!!

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