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Quick & Easy Bathroom Counter Organization Hack!

Quick & Easy Bathroom Counter Organization Hack!

Not sure if you have noticed but,  I am slightly obsessed with all products beauty related.  If it’s on a “must have” new product list or a new found “miracle in a bottle” it’s in my amazon cart.  So needless to say all of these lotions and potions eventually take over my life and my bathroom space.  Eventually causing some marital discourse.  *Side note~ Why does hubby need any more space.  He only uses three products, it only makes sense that I should have 95% of the counter space, right?)  In an effort to keep the peace, I decided It was time to declutter my bathroom sink.  Tired of rifling thru my drawers and cabinets for the same six products I use in my daily routine.

Fueled on organizing adrenaline I jumped in my car and trekked over to my local TJMaxx and began my quest for the perfect product.  Knowing I didn’t want another acrylic organizer with slots that really weren’t feasible, I decided to think outside the box.  I headed over to the kitchen department to find a solution to my dilemma.

I had three requirements for my organizer;

  1. It had to hold a variety of sizes and allow me access to all
  2. It did not take up tons of counter space
  3. Was esthetically Pleasing aka CUTE

I ended up finding a pastry tray and it checked all of the boxes! It is only about 9 inches wide, had three shelves and the top shelf is open for tall bottles, and was a neutral silver.  This would work perfect.  I brought it home and arduously began the painstaking process of cleaning out my skin care and make up products.  I’m sure there are meetings out there for people like me who insist on having 6 different kinds of day creme but that’s for another post.

Happily Ever After…

Two hours later, a bag of make-up goodies for my niece and my daughter,  and a trash bag full of “empties.”   I could breathe easily again with a newly organized sink and drawer.

Quick & Easy Bathroom Counter Organization Hack!
Quick & Easy Bathroom Counter Organization Hack!

I ended up placing all of the products I use on a a.m & p.m daily basis on the pastry tray on the sink along with my “every day” products.  Needing a container for my brushes and wands, I came found some mason jars lying around that did the trick!  For my “do dads” like hair bands, rings, earrings, and other little stuff I am just too lazy to put away at the end of the day I found a little dish my sister-in-law had given me that fits in just right.   Keeping everything from floating around.

Happy Husband Happy House…Since doing this, the hubs is very happy he has a little more than his allotted 4 inches of counter space 😉

How do you organize your bathroom sink?  do you have any great organization hacks? I’d love to hear about them in comments!

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