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Perfect Family Day? Recipes, Another Build-A-Bear Deal, & Soooo Many Sales!

Perfect Family Day?

July 18th is Perfect Family Day.  I have no idea who comes up with these silly things, but it got me to thinking.  What is the definition of a “perfect family?” And whose definition exactly is it ? I’ve never had a traditional family, even when I was a child, I sort of felt different than the other families.  Maybe, because my father had a disability and as a child I just wanted him to be “normal.” Or was it because even as children we are taught we just need to be like the “Jones,”  and anything less is just that…less?

As an adult having a child before marriage, then a marriage then a divorce, THEN another marriage. Our “millenial family having more last names than a Spanish court! We certainly never fit into the definition of a “perfect family.”

So that being said, Is there a perfect family?  I don’t think so, maybe in terms of happiness, possibly. But even then there is certainly a fair share of dysfunction in the world.  What is your definition of a perfect family?  Happiness? 2.5 kids and a white picket fence? Everyone having the same last name?  Perfection to me is just happiness as you define it for yourself.  What are your thoughts on Perfect Family Day? Perfect Family Day


Today, I gathered some Paleo options for you.  I visited a friend yesterday and her husband was put on a low-carb low fat diet so I suggested paleo or keto, So today’s recipes are for her and anyone else in need of some paleo in their life.  If you would like me to do some recipe digging let me know in comments!

Here are 65 Most Delish Paleo Recipes from delish magazine! 

10 Keto Recipes That Are Also Vegan

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