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Oh Monday, How I Hate Thee! Flower Day, The Easiest Recipe Ever and Daily Deals!


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Oh, Monday, How I Hate Thee!…Flower Day, The Easiest Recipe Ever and Daily Deals!

Monday’s Ugh,  I feel like my first line is always so negative but I start writing at 5:20 every morning and my bulletproof coffee hasn’t quite “shot” me yet so I’m not ready to blow sunshine up anyone’s arse just yet, So I apologize.  Check back in about 10 for some sunshine 😉  Otherwise, if you’re ready for snark, recipes for the borderline lazy mom, and deals than you are in the right place…

Monday Mood Meme

Now that I’ve clarified the intent for this blog why I felt to this morning I have no idea but just go with it.  Here is today’s randomness for ya’.  Starting with a recipe I caught this weekend courtesy of “the Pioneer Woman.”  I love her recipes.  I’m going to try this 7 can soup tonight, and seriously only the truly most inept of fools could screw this up. You literally just dump 7 cans in a pot, grab some rolls or tortillas and voila…Dinner!


Monday’s Daily Deals From Around the Fabulous Web (Coffee Finally Kickin’)

Amazon Daily Deals

Two Person Kayak 36% Off! 
Mini Projector 29% off!
Up to 40% off Camping Gear

Random Amazon Sales!

Bidet Toilet Seat 30% off!
Keds Chillax in certain sizes colors 45% off
Oil Diffuser 57% off
Swatch Watches 60% off Today


Jane.com Deals  ~ More Jane Deals HERE

Criss Cross Flats Were $59 Now $19!
Travel Pants Were $34 Now $18.99
Striped Blouse Was $42 Now $21











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