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Let’s Get Naked…Maybe?


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I am no prude and I consider myself progressive to a point.   So when I booked the “Naturist Resort Beach” I really didn’t think I would have an issue with it.  I thought “while in Rome.”  Until we arrived  and the clothes started flying. The second we got there Superman freely dropped his trunks along with the other two couples on the beach.   He thought it was the best feeling in the world, letting his “eel” swim free .  I warned him to be careful, a shark  might come by and mistake it for food.   I watch shark week once a year, And consider myself a marine biologist now 😉

Never the less there was  T & A everywhere.  I just kept telling myself just keep eye contact and  look down! Finally with some peer pressure from Superman I took my straps off my bathing suit and took my top down. Yes crazy I know, tipee toeing on the wild side.  It was a hard look into myself for this one, I always thought I was so free and wild and I always tell my kids “we all have parts just different sizes don’t judge.” But I couldn’t take off more than my top, Why was that?  I disappointed  myself that day. I’m going to give myself a half YOLO, a “YO” on this one, and maybe if I ever return to PAYABAY I will have the nerve to earn the LO!

Has anyone ever thought they could do something and then “chickened out?”

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