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Nip Fab Exfoliating Pads-Beauty Product Review


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Nip Fabs are great!   I Nip Fab Exfoliating Pads  after  cleansing in the DHC Cleansing OIL  a.m & p.m. I honestly believe that the key to good skin  is exfoliation and alot of it.   I get a ton of compliments on my skin.  Constantly doing  peels and exfoliation are my secret…shhhh don’t tell my esthetician sis -in-law.  She cringes when I talk about the abuse I put my skin thru.

Nip Fab’s serve two purposes for me.  They get whatever grime and make up off that  is left over off, and they exfoliate with glycolic acid.  Your face looks brighter after a few weeks and no visible peeling.  I highly recommend this product.  Please wear an SPF everyday.  Your skin will be sensitive to sun and susceptible to spotting and burning.

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