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National Waffle Day!- Daily Deals, Recipes, & More!

National Waffle Day!

Daily Deals, Recipes, & More!

It’s Friday and National Waffle Day AND my site is back up, it’s going to be a good day people! I hadn’t realized how much this little ol’ blog had taken over my life until I wasn’t able to work on it.  I found myself walking around the house bored out of my mind and literally ran out of things to clean! When does that happen…NEVER! So I’m so happy we’re back up and running and I have something to do again and I don’t have to ask myself the tough questions anymore…what am I doing with my life? Why aren’t I doing more? and other ridiculously introspective self analytical questions.

Let’s move on,  National Waffle Day.  Waffles, Possibly the best food ever crunchy, sweet, or savory whichever you prefer and their own little sauce holders built in! Does it get any better than that people, Nope.  I pull out my own Belgium waffle maker at least once a month and not just for breakfast.  We often have waffles for dinner, it’s easy and the kiddos love it.  In lieu of the usual TGIF cocktail recipe here are 60 yes 60 waffle recipes for you!

60 Waffle Recipes courtesy of Delish


Before I move onto Daily Deals I wanted to share yesterday’s post in cased you missed.  Fitting after waffles 😉


Today’s Daily Deals

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