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My Thrift Store Score this Week! $112 Worth of Goodies for $21!

Thrift Store Loot

Happy Thrift Thursday Everyone!  For this weeks thrift store excursion I hit up my local Savers, again on a “hail mary” play. ( I really need to learn to manage my time better, oh well)  I know I promised to mix it up this week, but time just wasn’t on my side.  So I ran into Savers with twenty minutes to spare after spending way too much time debating whether or not to run up to my local Uptown Cheapskate.  The joys of being analytical.

Once inside Savers,  I made a beeline for the bowls…shocker! And immediately found these two gems.  How they were untouched on a Wednesday afternoon, I have no idea but I quickly snagged them.  Thrift Store Loot

I then made my way over to the kids’ section, just really avoiding the endless racks of adult clothing.  I instantly spotted this brand new black puffer vest with the tags still on it for $5.99…Score! Thrift Store Loot


Out of time and rushing to the cashiers, I hurriedly went passed a rack of shirts, and of course, my “perif” in hyperdrive in a store like this is always programmed for my two favorite things…1) animal print and 2) camo.  Guess what, a lightweight camo print popped out like a gift from the thrift Gods, screaming buy me! It is a “Lovesick London,” lightweight drawstring jacket that will look precious on me or my girls over a white tee with jeans! Double accidental score today!  (I’m going to post a pic today of the jacket on Instagram HERE a bit later)

Here is yesterday’s thrift store loot breakdown…

Lovesick of London jacket Retail Value $48 I paid $6.99
Circo Puffer Jacket NEW – Retail Value $25 I paid $5.99
1 Large lead crystal bowl Retail Value $30 I paid $5.99
1 Small lead crystal bowl Retail Value $10 I paid $2.99

Total Retail Value $112 I paid $21!


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