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My Mom, My Hero, My #WCW "Crazy Mimi" ~ My Mama

My Mom, My Hero, My #WCW

Monday,  is when I decided that my momma would be my #WCW this week. Nothing makes you appreciate life more than spending a day in the Hospital watching someone you love in crisis.  That was my Monday…

At 6:45 am I received a call from my mother.  She wasn’t feeling well.  She has a cardiac history so when she says she’s not feeling well, I don’t walk I run.  I met the ambulance at her house and we rushed her to the hospital.  Despite her and I both being pretty vocal, when it comes to stuff like this we’re kind of private.  Hence no facebook announcements or what not.  She’s probably going to be mad at me for posting this but, Oh well.  Making her mad is nothing new.

My mother and I are often regarded as “The Bickersons.”  Yes we know that is a marital reference.  But it’s an accurate assessment.  We are literally oil and water, We argue over the color of the sky.  You get the picture.  It’s not out of dislike.  I just think we both have strong personalities and we both kind of get some sick kind of enjoyment out of it.  Always sending an “I love you” text after “sparring.”  And always checking in with each other making sure the other one hasn’t “Died.”

mom #wcw

I’m constantly telling her that I’m going to publish a “mimi’s crazy texts” book when she’s gone.

“Crazy Mimi”

This is a term of endearment in my family.   My kids adore “crazy mimi.”  She is entertainment at every get together.  I can only hope I am funny as her when I am “seventy something” ( she will kill me if I announce her age publicly) My mother graduated Hotel Dieu Nursing School in 1964. Nursing constantly bleeding over into our personal lives. Mostly good, sometimes not so good.  At our last family dinner she decided to educate us on genital herpes.  Yep, you read right…genital herpes.  My favorite “mimi story” took place at a Thanksgiving dinner with family while husband was battling kidney stones.  Mimi proceeded to lecture us about the procedure involved to remove said stones.  And the state his penis needed to be in to do procedure (hard) IN FRONT OF MY MIL!!!!! If I could have disappeared into the bowl of gravy I would have.  These are just two examples of stories that earned her this nickname.

My kids and I could  tell hundreds of stories like this.  Side splitting stories,  Her nieces and nephews could too.  But in all honesty we tell these with admiration in our voices, because she has helped and touched everyones lives in some wonderful way.

My mother is the first one to jump when anyone needs help.  If someone is sick my mother is there to nurse.  I’ve never met anyone with a bigger heart.  She has sacrificed everything for her children and her family.  She’s going to yell at me that this sounds like a eulogy, so I’m going to stop while I’m ahead.  mom #wcw

I love you mama! No one infuriates me like you do, no one makes me laugh like you, and I love no one else as much as you!  You are my ultimate #WCW.  ( mom, woman crush wednesday- before you ask what #wcw is)




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