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Beauty Product Reviews

Morning Song Gardens – A Review

I don’t quite remember how exactly I came across Morning Song Gardens. I’m sure it was while scrolling Instagram during one of my many hormonally imbalanced induced sleepless nights. Whatever the scenario, I was fortunate to have come across this sweet little skincare company.

Morning Song Gardens is a family owned and operated skincare company that specializes in bringing “natural and small batch handmade products,” to their customers. So today, I wanted to share my thoughts on a few of their products, primarily a few of their soaps, namely Almond, Baby-Lavendar, Bay-Rum (my favorite) and Fragrance Free.

Morning Song Gardens - A Review


The soap bars are available in 4.5 oz, average size for a bar of soap. While the specialty bars, such as the facial bars are available in a smaller square size 3.25 oz. They are wrapped in an adorable “antique” looking print package. With the ingredients clearly listed on the back. I prefer this type of paper packaging because immediately I can enjoy differnt smells.

Morning Song Gardens - A Review


As you can see from the list of ingredients from the Rose Facial Bar all of the ingredients listed are all natural. The first three being three oils, Olive, Coconut, and Palm Oil. On their website Morning Song Gardens also claims to use 100% therapeutic grade Essential Oils. If you are an “oily person” like me you understand that counts for something. These are not your ordinary grocery store EO’s in their products.

Morning Song Gardens - A Review

The Verdict

Overall I enjoyed the scented soaps very much. As far as the scents were concerned “Bay-Rum” was my favorite scent. The soaps have a high content of oil, which is great for this dry winter weather. But because of that there is not a huge sudsy effect. That doesn’t bother me, but if it is something you like it’s good to know in advance.

Morning Song Gardens - A Review

I tested the Rose Clay facial bar on my own face. The product is for use on “Mature skin,” yes I suppose that is me. I did not use a make-up wipe first like I usually do. I wanted to see the effectiveness of the cleansing properties aka clay, and after only one thorough cleansing it did remove all of my make-up. There was no sticky residue afterward and my skin felt squeaky clean but not too dry.

I really enjoyed the Morning Song Garden Soaps that I received. I can now say that I will be adding Morning Song Soaps to my list of “Favorite Things.”

If you would like to purchase Morning Song Products head over to their site HERE and you can use code BUZZ10 and receive 10% off your order! or click on the Soap promo below!

Morning Song Gardens - A Review

Also check out my Instagram next week I will be including some of their products in my “Favorite Things” Contest. Keep an Eye Out!

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