Five Minutes & Five Products for a Flawless Face-Make-Under Routine

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Morning “Make-Under” Routine for the Mom on the Go! 5X5 "Make-Under"~Five Minutes & Five Products for a Flawless Face!

5X5 “Make-Under”~Five Minutes & Five Products for a Flawless Face!

We all know how crazy mornings can, clothes, breakfast the list goes on and on.  What doesn’t go on and on is my morning routine.  I’ve whittled my full face of make-up routine down to a 5 minute routine with just 5 must have products for busy mornings and moms on the go.  In just 5 minutes you get full coverage and a Flawless Face with these 5 multitasking products and a good set of falsies or mascara.

My all time favorite foundation for full coverage is actually a cc cream by It Cosmetics called It Your Skin but Better CC Cream I love cc’s because they multitask,  it is a serum, moisturizer, and SPF of 50 all in one!  I can cleanse and just slap the CC  (no I don’t use a beauty blender,  I use my hands.)

Five Minutes & Five Products for a Flawless Face!

If I’m feeling particularly fabulous I slap on a pair of falsies that I just recently discovered,  And now I’m not sure I can live without.  My daughter received the Ardell Faux Mink Lashes and I am slowly making it mine 😉 Once you get placement down you can apply falsies in less than 2 minutes!  You can go sans mascara and that’s a beautiful thing!

I “tightline” my upper eye lid with   Kat Von D Tattoo Liner.   This stuff doesn’t budge and has the greatest most precise liquid tip I’ve ever worked with.

Next I use my  Clinique chubby  highlighter on my cheekbones and nose.  My daughter informed me that it is now called “strobing.”  Please darling…I’ve been “Highlighting” since the 90’s!   And finally I slap on a nude gloss and yes I slap it on nothing more, no liner, no lipstick nada.  I prefer the less is more look most days!

Five Minutes & Five Products for a Flawless Face!

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