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Monday’s Morning Meme, Daily Deals and Random Fun Stuff! Meme's, Deals, and Game's Oh My!

Monday’s Morning Meme, Daily Deals and Random Fun Stuff!

I’m not quite up to wishing you a Happy Monday just yet,  that 5 am beeping alarm was a little too jarring this morning. I had this in mind when I picked today’s “funny.”  So Today,  I’m going to bring you a very fitting Monday morning meme, a Super Hero Name Game (in case you missed it) and tons of deals…

How was everyone’s Mother’s Day? My theory on the infamous holiday…”Expect the Worst & Hope for the Best.” It serves me well every year.  Here’s a fun game incase anyone missed it last week.  I’m “Secret Homework Helper”  I was hoping for Kick ass Sexy wife but oh well 😉 What did you get?  Tell me in fb comments! 

As the day goes on I will be posting in individual posts Amazon Savings & Sales in separate posts.  So check in Simply Complicated Mom Facebook Page for the latest deal!  Here are today’s deals and today’s funny!

Today’s “Funny” to get your day started with a chuckle…

Amazon Daily Deals

Cuisinart Grills and Smokers up to 50% off

Hoover Spot Cleaner 
Norelco Trimmer 35% off! 


Random Deals Around Amazon

Jane.Com Limited Time Deals

Teacher Tees, “Party Of..Signs,Rustic Entry Way Bench, Personalized Cutting Boards


Pick a nail caddy and get 3 FREE polishes. Use code PICKURPACK

Tune in tomorrow for more Amazon Deals!


Check out More  Deals HERE…  


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