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Monday Motivation Diet Update, Daily Deals, Recipes & More!

Monday Motivation- Daily Deals, Recipes & More!

Monday Motivation…woot woot, I wish! …I wish I could be that person, positive and encouraging, chipper.   The ladies that cold insta call me at least thrice a month promising ” a new life, boundless energy, and an insane body. ”    Settle down there ladies. Yes, you look amazing and you should be  proud of your hard work.  But If you see more food and make-up  in my feed than anything else,  I’m probably not gonna drink the sugar-free kool-aid  your serving.

I’ve never been the motivating type.  Forcefully sarcastic sounds a little more appropriate when trying to encourage my friend “S” when walking with me.  The diet is going “eh.” I’m down seven pounds which is good…I guess. It only took me so long I lost count of the days.  Gone are the days when I could skip a meal and drop three pounds.   If I were to eat a snickers bar, I might explode like a puffer fish defending it’s territory.

I have no less earned that seven pound loss.  Blood sweat and very dull food have gone into each and every one of those seven pounds.  Now finding a routine with my workouts, walking a mile every day at the very least.  Sometimes even feeling a little nuts and jogging, I know crazy right?  I’m feeling the workout boredom creep in like it usually does about this time.  Also the need to up the workout ante now.  I’m possibly pondering walking into a gym…UGH.  Stay tuned!


Daily Recipes

I found this great site Low Carb-Ology  with low-carb recipes! Here is a low carb recipe for Stuffed Pepper Soup, Perfect for Fall and Monday Motivation!


Daily Deals

Here are just a few of Today’s Daily Deals and a few I thought looked interesting.  Follow along on facebook for more deals posted throughout the day!





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