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Monday Motivation~Or Something Like That Diet Update, Recipes, Daily Deals & Vacation Pics!

Diet Update, Recipes, Daily Deals & Mexico Pics!

Howdy Monday! I’m lacking motivation coming off of vacation but I do have my diet update, recipes, deals and vacay pics for you!

Coming back from vacay is bittersweet isn’t it?  I was diggin’ the pina coladas but, was missing my high thread count and routine.  I love my nuggets but by the end of it I was in desperate need of quality time with myself. Monday Motivation...Or something like that


Vacation Pics

If you have never ventured to that part of the globe I highly suggest it.  I was a little hesitant  at first because of the recent travel advisories but this town was utterly gorgeous.  Mexico never fails to disappoint me, my soul belongs there! Here are some of my Playa del Carmen trip highlights …

The pic says it all 🙂
The gardener in me couldn’t resist this pic
Monkeys on the jaunt to the beach!
The resort used organic means to rid themselves of blackbirds-Hawks!
Tubing to the Cenotes
Coaties- These buggars were everywhere! They are in the raccoon family.












Diet Update

The day we boarded the plane I weighed in at 139 woohoo, I broke 140!  Before I tell you what I weigh now after vacay, let me tell you about the food situation while on vacation.  Two words …Unlimited Food!  What does that mean to a person that has food issues?  Complete chaos and loss of discipline, Days one thru 3 were ok.  My game plan was to only eat fruit and vedgies for lunch and stick to the fasting and then eat a “normal” dinner.  Yeah, sounded good right?  That lasted to about day one and a half.  Then all hell broke loose.  It was just too much for my self control to handle.  Fresh bread everywhere, esponja (mexican pastry) It was ridiculous.

Monday Motivation...Or something like that
Just a portion of the salad bar…

This morning I weighed in at 140, frankly surprised it wasn’t worse.  My only saving grace  was the amount of walking we had to do on vacay.  It was least a half mile to the restaurant or the beach every day and we did that to the chagrin of our kids at least 6 times a day.  So today I am back on the wagon, only coffee as I type this, then workout, followed by first meal at lunch and “paleo” dinner.  I’m going to try to post my meals HERE check them out! If you’re wondering why I’m skipping breakfast you can catch up on the pic! I’m doing Intermittent fasting and it seems to be working!

Does Intermittent Fasting Work_

Today’s Recipes

Today I found you 35 Light and Healthy Dinner Ideas Under 400 Calories courtesy of Southern Living!

Daily Deals

Amazon- Here are just a few of today’s deals, click here for All of today’s deals!

40% Off Everything + Additional 20% Off All Sale Styles with code FLASH. Valid 7/8 at 5pm – 7/10 at 3am


Today zulily has bento, rayban, le creuset and dr.martens and those are just a few of the many sales to check out!


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