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Monday Morning Meme, Recipes, Deals & All Things Cheese! National Cheese Day!

Monday Morning Meme, Deals & All Things Cheese!

Good Morning!  School is out and summer has officially began.  There was no jarring alarm digging into my brain at 5 am this morning that was refreshing, but funny I still couldn’t sleep past 5:30.  Funny and sadly ironic how when you are a child you want nothing to do with sleep yet, when you are an adult all you want to do is sleep and you can’t.  Either because of time or because you physically cannot will your body into slumber.  Growing up is so much fun folks.  Anyway back on topic,  It’s June 3rd…National Cheese Day, woohoo!  I have never met a cheese I didn’t like. So in honor of that, today I am going to post all things cheese!…

National Cheese Day~ I’ve Never Met a Cheese I Didn’t Like!


Fortunately or Unfortunately I have passed on my love for cheese (and any kind) to my kids.  Here is a pic of a dinner I frequently make for my family!  It’s one of the few dinners on the menu that makes everyone happy.  Mini charcuterie plates and the best part is that they are no cook and take less than 10 minutes to prep!

Cheese, Cheese, Cheese!

Here are a few recipes that are completely centered around guess what…CHEESE!










Today’s Deals- Just a few “cheesy” deals!


Other Random Amazon Deals



Besides trying my best to celebrate the existence of cheese 😉 I don’t have a lot going on besides the usual mom life.  I’m needing to find a new project,  My gardening is all caught up.  What is on everyone’s Monday agenda today?  Anyone else in a project lull?  It’s a weird spot in your life when your littles are grown and you find yourself actually finding time for projects again and then not knowing what to do with that time…irony! What do you think, let me know in comments.



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