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Monday~ A lil’ bit of this & A lil’ bit of that! To do lists, Deals, and Fab 40's!


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Happy Monday Everyone!  (I think)

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“To-do lists”

Every Sunday the perpetual planner in me sits down and puts together a calendar of posts for the week.  It helps me to plan out my week set a goal, stick to those goals, and accomplish those goals!  Did I do it yesterday?….NO, UGH!  And Every morning  the “pp” in me writes down the day’s “to do’s.”  Again did I do it this morning…A BIG FAT NO!  So what does that mean for me?…

That this morning I am a hot mess capital H,  Complete and utter chaos without my calendar and to do list.  My computer has 13 tabs and three programs open.  I have been jumping back and forth for two hours with nothing accomplished. So please forgive me If I am rambling,  it is Monday, I’ve only had one cup of coffee and I no “to do list.!”

Are you a to do list person too? I would love to know if there are other coffee and to do list dependent crazies like me out there? Should we start a club? 😉

Fab 40’s

Other than complete chaos, my Monday did start with a touch of good news.  I guest blogged and it went live today.  There is something so special about seeing your work published somewhere else.  I cannot describe the feeling!  If you would like to check it out click on the pic.  

Deals of the Day!

Jane is offering some super cute deals today!  Husband if you are reading…I’m totally digging the Margarita Muscle Tanks 😉  You can check out their deals here>>>>
Daily Boutique Deals


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