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Mental Illness Awareness Week

Mental Illness Awareness Week

This post was originally meant to be a “quicky” post.  I wanted to explain to my 5 readers why I’ve been mia for the last few days and apologize for my absence.  After realizing it was  Mental Health Awareness Week and receiving several well-placed signs from the universe, I came to the conclusion, 100 words in haste weren’t going to cut it.

If you have been with me since the beginning of Simply Complicated you know that what prompted its creation was my need to share my battle with anxiety  (Here’s my story if you missed it)  with the hopes that other women would feel more comfortable talking about it openly, and wouldn’t feel so pressured to be so perfect.  Perfect fitting in the mother, wife and other boxes we find ourselves trying to squeeze into.

My Insane Week (no pun intended)

It all started when I was typing away one-morning last week and was listening to my regular morning show.  I happened to zone in on a segment on Breast Cancer. The radio station was holding a bra drive to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.  I thought to myself,  “Easy peasy…I have about 15 bras upstairs I don’t use,  I’ll go drop them off,” and back to typing, I went.  A few hours passed, and my head spinning started,  (sometimes being a little neurosis can work to your advantage) I went into bra hyperdrive.  I posted the info on FB and sent a message to all of my “sisters” spreading the word and offering to pick up bras.  For the normal person that would be enough, for the anxiety-ridden person who is deathly afraid of failure, my mind started racing…  How could I get more bras?

Social Media to the rescue! My friends started to repost the original post and it slowly picked up steam.   A friend from my past volunteer days who saw the post, who coincidentally runs her own charitable organization Shine On El Paso contacted me wanting to help spread the word.

Fast forward to Tuesday…In one week,  I was able to network, secure donations,  fill my car to the brim with bras for Breast Cancer Awareness, meet some amazing people, take a tour of Saver’s ( a thrifter’s dream (fyi an amazing charitable organization) and finally meet another great lady who thanked me for speaking about anxiety-something she also battles.  You see, this incredible chain of events could not have happened without me originally going thru my battle with anxiety and depression.  It led me to this exact point in my life right now, aware that I am perfectly imperfect. Aware of my triggers and imperfections and all of this happening during the one week it just happens to be National Mental Illness Awareness Week?  Do you believe in coincidence…I do not.  National Mental Illness Awareness Week

Awareness of my triggers allows me the knowledge that even though I am capable of writing every day, caring for a husband, kids, and volunteering to run around town like a crazy lady with a trunk full of underwear, is probably not so great for me.  I know I should prioritize sometimes and try to put into practice.  I don’t always catch the signs but I’m getting better at it.

So writing had to take a back burner for a few days and I’m ok with that.  I have sweet and wonderful women and sister friends letting me know they too battle anxiety and other issues.  The fact that they trust me to tell me that tells me I’m doing something right.

Simply Complicated Mom is doing exactly what it was originally intended to do..Help women embrace their complicated lives, be ok with the fact we don’t fit into perfectly square boxes and help women simplify their lives.

Have you battled anxiety or tried to simplify your life lately?  I’d love to hear your story, email me @ or leave me a comment!

National Mental Illness Awareness Week


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