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The War of the Roses Who is Right ... Mars or Venus?

The War of the Roses … Literally

Are men and women that different, Mars or Venus?  That’s the question that has been nagging at me lately.   It all started last weekend when my husband and I were out running errands and saw a man hurriedly walk out of a grocery store with a bouquet of roses.  I, opinionated as usual optimistically spouted out  …

“Ahhh, how sweet, what a nice guy!”

Why else would he be buying roses?  That was my “glass is half full”  first response was.  Why else would a  man be carrying a dozen red roses?   Call it ignorance, positivity, maybe even a bit of jealousy if we are being completely honest.

Then I hear a low guttural laugh come from the driver’s seat next to me.  Which,  as I write now I’m recalling it to be more like a “muah ha ha.”  But that could very well be a bit skewed memory now.  None the less my husband’s immediate commentary to the man with the roses was … (and I apologize for the language)

“He fucked up!”

What the what?


So in lieu of going delving deep into the innate differences between men and women and philosophizing until I’m blue in the face because retrospectives are our own worst enemy.  I’m just going to beg the question to you all …

Why do you think mystery man was buying the roses? Was he being romantic, or was he placating the mystery person in his life?  What’s your guess?  I would love to hear in comments here or on my facebook page!

PS.  really regret not asking him and finding out the real reason now, but I might have come across as a weirdo stalker!


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