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“Just Another Manic Monday” Monday's Rant, Diet Update, Deals & More!

“Just Another Manic Monday”

Good morning peeps!  I’m sure you’re wondering where The Bangles reference is about this morning?…Well just that, It’s “just another manic Monday.”  As I sat down last night to outline today’s writing and  while sobering  up (figuratively not literally) to the thought of the weekend being over and the grind starting back up, that famous Bangles tune popped into my head (which btw is still looping.)  The title was born. So, I started doing some lite research.  Tiny 80’s music factoid  for ya’…Did you know the Bangles did not write this song?  Prince did, mind blown… right? The song takes on a whole new meaning for me and also gets a tad sexier 😉

So “Manic Monday” it is!… Back to the grind, the routine, roads we have paved for ourselves.  I’ve been thinking a a lot about that lately.  Man, I hate it when I get introspective.   It’s kind of depressing and makes me think I’m in need  of more time on the couch.  At 43, I’ve started to wonder where the time has gone?  Is this it, is this my grand adventure?  Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for all that I have.  I count my blessings every night, but sometimes you catch wanderlust bug,  Is anyone else afflicted with this age specific ailment? Or am I alone in these thoughts?

You look at your partner  whom you love as I’m sure he does me, and question 40 more years?  You tell yourself not to settle but in fact, isn’t that what we do every day?  I adore my children, please don’t get me wrong.  I would jump in front of a train for them but, my life’s ambition was not to have four children, wear spandex 75% of the time, and my ical be full of drs, vet and school appointments.

When I was eight I wanted to be a “Solid Gold Dancer,”  at twelve a “famous actor,” at seventeen I wanted to photograph the world for National Geographic.  Lofty goals I know, but a tiny little voice in me refuses to die and whispers to me every once and awhile”you can still do it.”  Obviously my inner child drinks and is delusional.

But I digress to the original point of this rant before I depress the crap out of you.  We aren’t given a “do over” so live life to the fullest. Laugh,  pay someone a compliment, and Love every single day! You never know when you’re going to look around and say “WTF…Where did all the time go” and the little voice stops whispering.

Diet Update

Diet is going mas o menos (ok) I’m working out everyday, but we had a family friend in town and we went out to eat four times last week.  Chips and Salsa are a master sabateur even the best intentioned dieter.  I started at 142 today I weighted in at 141.  You’re supposed to be grateful for the small things, but come’on  ONE FLIPPIN’ POUND, WTF?  I feel that, for the amount of action the treadmill has been seeing and quality time Jillian and I have been spending together those digital numbers should have gone down maybe 2-3? But oh well one pound is better than nothing, right?


I found this cool article about summer healthy snacks for kids.  It has “do able” snacks on the healthy side like apple nachos and fro-yo bark!  All of these look awesome.  But really are they as awesome as already frozen go-gurts and fruit snacks from the pantry?

Today’s Deals from Around the Web

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Zulily is a great site where I do a lot of my shopping.  They have flash sales on name brand merch.  The sales generally last a few days.  The savings are pretty good so grab while you can they tend to go quick.  Here are a few of the sales featured today! Some other notable sales…RaybanTiffany, Prada & more!  Go check them out! 







 Amazon’s Daily Deals

Today Amazon is offering Sheet Sets, Greenworks Power Tools, Laser Printer & NY Best Seller! These are just a few examples, Check the full listing out HERE



CUPShe Swimwear

CupShe is having a Sale,  I read the reviews it would be smart to size up.  They have some adorable options! Check them out!
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If you would like your fav store featured on Daily Deals shoot me an email or comment below!  Have a superb day!

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