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Maya Chan Beach Resort~Travel Review

Maya Chan Beach Resort~Travel Review


Quintana Roo or better known as Costa Maya in the Yucatan Peninsula is a tiny stretch of paradise undiscovered.  From the second you leave the cliche, over crowded cruise port and breathe in the salty air you know you have set foot somewhere special.

What sets this tiny town apart is that the vast majority of the island is off the grid.  Still relatively untouched by big resorts and airports Costa Maya is a tiny fishing town vacant of big city tourism.  Most “resorts” we spied and I use that term generously have water catchment systems rooftop and generators.  Making this island that much more special.  Once you leave the port and make your way towards the resort side of the island you realize just how “off the grid” you are by the conditions of the dirt roads.

Getting to Maya Chan

Maya Chan Beach Resort does not advertise or book thru the cruise ships, so you book on their own site or  trip advisor.  After booking, you are given very detailed instructions on where to meet your bus driver. It’s not difficult, the rendezvous point is right outside the hustle bustle area of the port.  Once you find your driver (recognizable by sign)  they proceed to bus you to Maya Chan, It’s about a 20 minute drive.  Prior to them fixing the road it was a 30-40 minute drive on a very bumpy road, so this is an improvement!

The Maya Chan Experience

Our reservation was for an all day all inclusive package for $59 (this is our third trip to Maya Chan) You can click HERE for what is included in this price.  It’s basically everything, cabana, food, drinks, kayak, snorkel, toys etc, basically everything you could want for a fun relaxing day on the beach. Since we are repeat customers, I believe we were given a larger cabana, it was lovely.  You can see in the pic.  We had a shaded day bed, chairs, table, and a hammock.


When you arrive they give you a 10 minute welcome speech and instruct you as to the lay of the land. They then take you to your pre-designated cabana with homemade chips and guac with cocktail waiting.

We spent the rest of the day kayaking out to the reef.  Our favorite Maya Chan activity is simply floating in the anchored floating chairs in the water. Where they have  waiters kayak out to bring you drinks (priceless.) Lunch is served at noon. It is served in the open air restaurant.  Lunch at Maya Chan has is typically three types of tacos, rice and beans (unlimited.) MAYA CHAN BEACH RESORT-TRAVEL REVIEW



The cocktails are homemade and delicious, and the waitstaff is  unparalleled in friendliness and hospitality.  My only complaint…. 4:00 pm call time for back to the port always seems to come a little to early.

There is a reason or shall I say countless reasons we have made Maya Chan Beach Resort our “Go to” place in Costa Maya, Mexico!

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