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Latest Obsession! Korean Face Masks

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 Korean Sheet Masks, OH MY!  I have a serious addiction and there should be meetings for people like me! “My name is Mari and It’s been two days since my last mask!”



So the basics about sheet masks.   Sheet masks are just that, individual sheets of fiber infused with skin care product.  The sheets force the product into the skin,  helping it to absorb better.  I’ve also come to a conclusion that the less I can read on the package the better.  The Korean skin care industry has it down when It comes to skincare.  I recently read an article on Korean women wanting  to achieve “glass skin” what the what?  I was intrigued.   That is their goal,  to have skin as clear as glass.  Skin that looks so dewy, so close to perfect you are able to go makeup less.  Sounds good to me!


It went on really well.  Sometimes masks can be too slimy and drip.  This one was just right and not too damp.  It fit with almost no overage, except for on the chin.  The mask took about 20 minutes to dry and I peeled off with no trouble.  I always leave the excess product on to absorb.  Waste not want not! The mask left me with dewy, shiny, rosy skin.  The pic below is unfiltered with zero make up.  This “3d brightening” mask is a keeper for sure, I will be purchasing again!

No makeup-no filter!

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