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It’s #NationalLashDay (Is that a thing?)

Who knows, but we’re gonna run with it! In honor of this social media holiday possibly cooked up by cosmetics companies, I thought I would share with you my favorite mascaras and a super cool and simple little mascara hack.


My Fav’s in order from least to Favorite!

Benefit’s Roller Lash– This mascara happens to be my daughter’s favorite mascara (the minimalist daughter) Which explains why it is not my favorite. I’m a Texan at heart… Go big or go home! If you want natural separated lashes this is the mascara for you.

My next favorite is a Lux brand Nars Climax. If you have the bucks to spend on a mascara, then this is the one I would go for if you love thick coated falsie-looking lashes. This mascara also lasts long into the night. Climax has a big fat teddy bear brush that coats every single lash which I love.

If you are looking for a drug store brand that is comparable to a lux brand without the price tag then go for Loreal’s Lash Paradise. This stuff is the bee’s knees. I have used it since it made it’s debut. Lash paradise has made many a “cult favorite” list thru the years. And is a favorite of make-up artists! A tube of this miracle mascara will only set you back around $7 but is on sale right now for $6.50 HERE!

Mascara Hack

Who hates spoolies and brushes as much as I do? They don’t separate your lashes they don’t do really anything that they are supposed to do. One day after applying mascara I had a few lashes stuck together and wanted to separate them, I reached for my spoolie. Frustrated I decided to think outside the box and voila the “mascara hack” was born.

Mascara Hack

It was so simple and silly and I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this sooner. All I did was take one of the one million dried out mascaras I had lying around and take out the wand. I then soaked it in a capful of Micellar Water for about 30 seconds and then wiped it clean. I did use a curling mascara because the wand would be a better separator, which was going to be its purpose not an application like a mascara.

I now use this instead of a spoolie every time I apply my mascara and it works like a gem, separating and de-clumping. If it gets a little too dirty I just rinse it in more Micellar water!

What awesome Make-up tips and tricks do you have up your sleeve I would love to hear about them in comments!

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