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5 Great Ways to Support the Blogger in Your Life

How To Support the Blogger in Your Life

The number of bloggers in the United States is set to reach 31.7 million users in 2020 so most likely you know a blogger.  It is also likely you have no idea why they chose to blog and how to support that blogger.

Most people get into blogging because they feel they have something to tell the world or teach people.  Blogging may also be a form of catharsis for some, as was the case with me.  Unfortunately,  most bloggers jump into blogging not knowing how much work goes into the daily operations of running a successful blog more than actual writing,  their initial passion.

Besides creating great content, bloggers are responsible for inputting HTML code, marketing, branding, social media, creating graphics, the list goes on and on.  This is why we need support.  Often we’ve found ourselves “down the rabbit hole” of blogging either while writing, inputting HTML code, banging our head’s against walls at analytics or pitching to brands.  Those are the moving parts of blogging that most family and friends don’t understand.  The necessary but mundane and tedious parts of blogging.

Support a Blogger

Understanding Blogging

Blogging is a business, not a hobby.  Blogs must have a business license and a tax I.d number…mind blown?  It costs money to keep these babies up and running.  If you’re not a computer genius, odds are you hired someone to get it up and running and looking half decent.  You pay a domain/hosting fees.  There are fee’s for basically everything, subscriptions, graphics and especially training.  We did not learn HTML coding or WordPress overnight, Ok maybe some bloggers are tiny geniuses but I am not, and paid for the majority of my knowledge.  Long story short, by supporting our site you are supporting small businesses!

Blogging can be brutal, we get rejected on a daily basis.  We get rejected by brands we have pitched to.  It is a cruel world out there and we are told we are talentless by mean people who have nothing nice to say.   We try not to take it personally but our blogs are our babies.  We put our blood, sweat, and tears into our writing and our graphics.

Blogging is lonely.  We often go down the “rabbit hole” and forego social events for our blog success.  Sometimes sitting at our computers for hours on end, until our eyes blur or a family member forces us to get up and do something remotely human and social.  Often we feel like no one “gets” how isolating blogging can be so we just stop talking about it and isolate ourselves.

Page Views-  Blog Views, Engagement and Analytics are the lifeblood of blogger’s posts.  For every brand, affiliate or publication we apply to we have to share our analytics- our follower amounts on all of our social media platforms as well as access to our google analytics.  Sounds intrusive right?… Well if we want to make money, people actually have to read our content.  Many agencies, brands, and affiliates won’t even touch a blogger without say 10,000 blog views a month and that’s a low number!  Some ask for upwards of 75,000.  Some days, that seems insurmountable, hence our sometimes solemn moods.

5 Ways to Support the Blogger in your Life

  1. Subscribe to our blog, share our posts, like our pages and engage.  Again, you are supporting small businesses and It only takes one second of your day.  This truly means the world to us.  It is devastating to us when-when we look at your facebook followers only to find out some of our best friends and family aren’t following our pages.  We try not to take it personally but it still stings.
  2. Just be there for us!  As much as we complain sometimes or as tired as we are from inputting HTML or any of the tedious things we have to do on the marketing side of blogging please understand that we love to create content.  We love writing, we love sharing our lives with everyone.  Every blogger out there is blogging to try to help someone.  Whether that is the beauty blogger who is going to help you find the latest “to die for the palette,” the gardening blogger who wants to help you grow veggies or the abuse survivor who will give you the courage to get out because if she could do it you can too.
  3. Support small business and shop thru our affiliate links.  It doesn’t cost you any more than you would normally and we get teensy and I mean TEENSY usually 3-5% cut and helps us to offset all of the operational costs.  Just follow the links, it’s that simple.
  4. Be patient when we want to take pictures of everything, sometimes we are struggling with creating enough content. DON’T ASK JUST SAY CHEESE!
  5. Please keep engaging us.   Don’t stop inviting us to do things,  even when we say no.  We are simply a small business owner wanting our business to succeed.  No different than a brick and mortar with 9-5 hours.

5 Ways to Support the Blogger in Your Life

I hope this article finds it way to the families and friends of other blogger friends that are struggling! xoxo …mvpmom


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