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How to score FREE Fire Alarms! Fire Safety & Fire Inspector Steve

FREE Fire Alarms and Inspector Steve

It all began weeks ago, I had been watching the local news when they had announced that our fire department was offering free fire alarms.  They had me at “free.”  I immediately dialed the number and left a message.  After about a week of playing phone tag (because yes I am one of those people who never answers their phone) we nailed down a FREE fire inspection for my home and installation of fire alarms.

How to score FREE Fire Alarms!


Fast forward to my appointment with Fire Inspector Steve showing up at my home.  He quickly and so politely educated my ignorance to my homes weak spots and where we should place the fire alarm(s).


Fire Factoid #1–  Fire Alarms should be at the entrance to every bedroom! …Yikes, I had no idea!

Fire Factoid #2 – Keeping bedroom doors closed at night keeps a fire out of the bedrooms for 15-20 minutes which can save lives!… Guess what we now close our doors



How to score FREE Fire Alarms!e


Inspector Steve ended up installing THREE FREE fire alarms yesterday, pointing out all of my homes fire risks and educating me about fire safety and escape routes.

I asked Inspector Steve how this program came about and if It was local or national.  He informed me that the National Red Cross funds this program.  In El Paso, you can call 311 for information.

In other parts of the country, you can call your local Fire Department or your Local Red Cross to find out if it is available in your neck of the woods. I did some research for you and in most states this program is available.  You just might have to do some digging.   I posted the Red Cross search engine for you below to get you started.

Don’t wait, until it’s too late!
Call Inspector Steve in EP at 311
or find your local Red Cross HERE…
Get your FREE fire alarms and inspection scheduled today!

How to score FREE Fire Alarms!


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