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How to Ripen an Avocado Fast! Tried and True way to Ripen an Avocado in 15 Minutes

How to Ripen an Avocado Fast!

Yesterday I found myself with 4 unripe avocados and people coming over for dinner.  What’s a girl to do? My first approach was the usual brown bag and sunlight.  So out they went, and four hours later what did I have?  Just a barely softened avocado…drats! Google to the rescue.  I found several articles on how to ripen avocados.  One method kept popping up, foil and an oven method.  It promised to deliver a ripe avocado guac ready in 10 minutes.  I had nothing to lose!

I grabbed foil and my avocados, and preheated my oven (convection) to 220.  While it was preheating, I wrapped the avocado in foil.How to Ripen an Avocado Fast!

Once the oven was ready I placed in the oven and checked on it every 5 minutes.  There was a weird smell in the air, so I was convinced I was burning it but no, they just stink when you heat them up.  I took it out after ten minutes and it wasn’t quite done yet.  I don’t think this is an exact science, It depends on the size, ripeness, etc of the avocado.  So my advice to you is keep the oven low around 200 and keep checking on it.  How to Ripen an Avocado Fast!

After 15 minutes I took it out, WARNING it was HOT,  Steam gathers in the foil.  When you cut it steam releases again from it.  I probably should have waited to cut it, but I don’t comprehend the word patience.

When I opened the avocado (which I was able to do because it was soft) I was pleasantly surprised I had a softened all be it very hot avocado!  How to Ripen an Avocado Fast!


How to Ripen an Avocado FastI placed it in the fridge to cool down for a bit and went on to make my guac! Do you have any kitchen hacks you would like to share? I would love to hear about them, leave me a comment below!

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