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Thrifty Thursday- My Thrift Store Haul How I Scored Brand New UA and Children's Place Clothing!

Thrifty Thursday

If you read yesterday’s post you know it’s been a crazy couple of weeks.  So when I frantically realized at about noon today that tomorrow was Thursday, namely “Thrifty Thursday,” I jumped in the car and headed over to my local Saver’s.  I hit Saver’s again for two reasons; One, it was on my way to my kiddos school and two,  I am still feeling a bit of nostalgic loyalty after my quick education and wonderful hospitality I received there on Monday.

To sum up a long story and to avoid being repetitive, here is the short version… I was doing some volunteering and needed donations.  Savers reached out to me. Having done volunteer work in the past, I know all too well how hard it is sometimes to secure donations.  The mountains of paperwork and time it takes to get $50 out of a corporation.  So when they contacted me, offering a quick, easy and sizable donation I lept at the offer.  Upon arriving at the store I was offered a tour of their operation.  I had no idea the scope of the Saver’s “machine.” I was witness to the back of the store “machine” that was run by employees, sifting thru clothing and goods. I was also educated about their local charitable efforts.

Because of all of these reasons, Savers was my go to again for Thrifty Thursday.  I will mix it up next week, and venture to another part of town or maybe an estate sale. I like to live on the wild side of thrifting 😉 thrifty thursday

Brand New UA and Children’s Place Clothing

This week was a small but good score at Savers.  The recent change in weather in my neck of the woods warranted a new sweater for the little and the middles always need new sweatshirts.  I found two brand new, with the tags still on sweaters for my girls.  One is an Under Armour crop sweatshirt and one is the sweetest Children’s Place embroidered hooded sweater.  Here’s the breakdown;

Children’s Place Sweater Retail $23 I paid $8.99
Under Armour Crop Sweatshirt Retail $45 I paid $4.99
That’s $68 worth of Retail for $15 Not my greatest but definitely not bad!


thrifty thursday
Brand New UA!
Thrifty Thursday
Cutest Model Ever, with a Wicked Smile 😉

What has been your latest and greatest thrift store find?

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