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His Last $20


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Check out this wonderful story about a Random Act of Kindness that continues to this day to be payed forward.

Woman raises over $315K for homeless vet who spent his last $20 to buy her gas

This truly inspiring story is about a homeless veteran who spent his last $20 to help a stranded young lady on the side of the road.   What struck a chord with me was the fact that he spent his last $20.  It  took Mr. Bobbitt days to earn that money by panhandling.  I spend that in a day,  on frivolous things… Starbucks, Slurpees for my kids etc.  He didn’t expect anything in return.  He just wanted to insure her safety.  Mr. Bobbitt gave away his food money without a second thought.  How selfless of him!  What a great example of humanity when there is so little these days on the news.  I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did.

A truly inspiring example of Grace for this Holiday Season.

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