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Embracing Life’s Lessons Delusions of Coincidence

Delusions of Coincidence

Do you believe in coincidence? Webster’s defines coincidence as:

a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.

I quite frankly never have believed in coincidences.  Simply having too many “remarkable occurrences of events” in my life that cannot be explained away as mere casual connections.  I refuse to believe the universe and our creator is that devoid of “personality.”   I believe God, Jesus, Yawweh,  Allah, El Shaddai,  Whomever you pray to puts little signs in front of us  to guide us and teach us along the way.  Whether we notice and follow them is an entirely different story.


Embracing Life’s Lessons

Last week while on vacation the signs were blatantly in abundance.  I could not have ignored if I wanted to.  First day of our cruise began with a beautiful rainbow.  In christianity a Rainbow signifies Peace and unity and a vow that God made with mankind never to flood the earth again after he purged and cleansed.  In other folklore it symbolizes good fortune and luck.  My husband and I being on vacation I understood it to be a symbol of good time to come.  Not a coincidence.Our third day into our trip we hit a delay and were not able to desembarke.  A cruise ship had hit a port.  Yes you read correctly “hit a port,” and kept us at sea an additional day.  No, I am not asking for sympathy, there are plenty of other awful ways to spend days than a day on a cruise ship 😉 The point I am getting to is that,  Who is not to say If we got off the ship that day something bad was going to happen?  Would I have broken an ankle ( I fall going upstairs-true story) or gotten robbed.  Maybe or maybe not.  We’ll never know, but I trust in whatever happens is supposed to happen.

Finally, after spending a tortuous four days on a luxury liner 😉 We were let off the ship.  Where my soul feels most at home, Mexico.  We had a most beautiful day at the beach relaxing.  Unfortunately the country has been plagued by violence recently and was riddled with marines and federales in a blatent show of force.  As much as I love this country I am grateful that my children don’t have to walk to school with Marines carrying  AK-47’s.  This scene in this picture depicts the beauty of the culture in the sculpture and the violence that is now ravaging this beautiful country that I adore.  

Following our stay in my beloved Mexico we arrived back on ship to find out not one but two people on the ship have passed away.  One man which we met the night prior in an elevator.  He had been fighting a losing battle with cancer and traveling with his family because he loved cruising so much.  Wanting just “one more cruise,”  passing on while doing exactly what he wanted to do with the people he wanted to do it with.


One of our servers this week was from Romania, His name was Mihiw.  He had a masters degree in Enviromental Studies. He worked on the ship  as an asst. server eight months out of the year leaving his wife in Romania.  That doesn’t sound right does it?  I complain when my husband isn’t home by 5! Lesson there…Gratitude for everything I have, a husband who works near and that is gainfully employed.  

Living and Loving Life

How many times do we take our families for granted?  Our chaotic, crazy and insane spouses and kids,  wishing we just had some peace and quiet.  The family that got on that ship with their father and got off that boat minus one.  Our times with our families and friends is precious and fragile,  Cherish it you never know when it will be taken away.  Or when a family member will have to take a job abroad.  What ever the case maybe value your time with your loved ones.  It may be fleeting.

The lessons and signs are everywhere.  We just have to open our eyes to recognize, embrace, and most importantly learn from them. Most importantly.. love and Laugh and do it often!

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      Thanks! Loved your “story” very touching! You are one strong mama!

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