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FriYay~Deals, Recipes & More

FriYay~Deals, Recipes & More

We made it to another Friyay woohoo!  The kids are back in school and I’ve gotten so much done and not enough, does that make sense? I thought I would have all this extra time, but instead it’ so much free time I find it hard to stay on task, I’m all over the place.  Really only doing half of every chore or whatever I need to get done.  Aye aye aye, like my husband says I can never be happy.

Other than attempting to clear off my desk for the hundredth time this week those are my big plans today, what are yours?

It's Friyay!

In case you missed a few of my bigger posts this week here they are..

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Tgif Recipes

Every Friday I bring you some recipes to get you in the mood for the weekend, Here are 34 Vodka Cocktail Recipes! 

Today’s Daily Deals

Here are a few of Amazon’s daily deals and some I found interesting.  Click here for the Entire selection! Or follow me on FB HERE for other retailer sales during the day!

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